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A Channeled Message of “Divine Perfection”

Dear Spirit, how do those who are striving to live from a heart-space lovingly co-create with and communicate with someone who is driven by the structure of this physical world??

I hold truth in my heart that can not be validated in the physical and therefore can not be understood by someone who seeks validation in the physical. I hold no judgment, just awareness that we speak different languages.

How can I stand in my beautiful truth, without being deflated and demotivated by their beautiful truth??

I would appreciate any clarity.

Sweet one, your disappointment comes from believing that others must approve of or align with your individual truth in some way.You could not be deflated, if you were not seeking validation of or companionship in your unique stance.    

Begin to see each person as a unique work of art or a sacred blossom of divine perfection. All that creates their present reflection is absolutely perfect for them and their journey!!  

There is no greater insight or understanding that would improve their beingness.

If we can trust that another is not lacking in any way, then we wouldn’t feel that they “should” be more supportive of our unique view and stance.

Learning to honor each soul’s unique expression, without judging it, labeling it, or validating it, is the key to stepping into full acceptance of Divinity upon this earth.

Seeing ourselves as Divine is not about seeing ourselves as greater than human. It’s about accepting ourselves as “perfect”, even in our multi-faceted ever-transforming humanity!!!

By learning to see perfection in each soul. you would no longer see a separation or contrast between “heart-centered” and “physically-driven”. All would be in perfect harmony with each soul’s journey.If you feel that others are challenging your truth, it’s because you are the one challenging it at some point within. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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  1. Just beautiful, and oh so true!
    I am perfect, and so are you!
    Love you!

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