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“A Figment of Speech”

Are words our only form of communicating with truth and integrity??  Or………..are we finally at that space of conscious evolution where we can recognize that our unique spirits are perpetually communicating at valid points of Truth with or without using a single word!?!?

We have given too much erroneous power to the physical “words” we employ in our chosen human language.

In some moments we use words to hide behind, so that our deeper truths will not be “seen”. We believe that if we say “I am fine” or “I am kind” or “I love you”…………it must be true. Right???

And in some moments we undervalue the use of particular words that are subconsciously giving voice to our deeper core beliefs. Simple expressions like “It’s killing me”, “I don’t wanna do this” and “I don’t have enough”……………..ARE mirroring the deeper truth we actually hold within!!

Words are just words!! They can easily be a figment of deep expression or a portal to inner truth. It’s up to us, and our keen sense of intuition to discern which it may be in each moment.

Expanding our Awareness to recognize that words can have a deeper hidden message in them, will allow us to stand in greater authenticity (as an individual and as a society).

I am blindingly aware of the Power my words have had this week!! I have tripped into more than one frustrating experience, only to instantly recognize, on a psychic level:

“Your thoughts and words created this!!”

In each moment that I was about to place blame outwardly, I realized that my thoughts (silently expressed and thoughtlessly expressed) all created this moment!!

If I am telling Spirit that I wish to live AUTHENTICALLY in all moments……………that means that “I” take responsibility for all of my thoughts, belief systems, and choices in all moments. For me, it is no longer acceptable to flippantly say “I don’t wanna” and believe that I don’t have a choice in the matter.

If I’m carelessly whining the words “I don’t wanna” at any moment in time, I’m actually telling the universe to create resistance by placing a block in my way. The universe is taking DIRECTION from me!!! If I say “they don’t see my value” or “there’s not enough time”………..I’m welcoming the particular experience that validates that belief.

In order for any words to be more than “a figment of speech”, we need to say what we mean and mean what we say!!

Are your words holding Power today??  

Or…..are they mere words??

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

That’s my advice for you, and for me. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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