Spirit Teachings

Whispering A World Into BEing

Can you sense that your Soul’s Call is powerful enough to awaken the cosmos in all of its infinite nature??

When the Spirit that lies within your being truly Knows what it wants, that passionate Knowing carries out a voiceless call to all universal energies who wish to support you on your journey.

Just your power-filled Knowing is enough to gently WHISPER a world into BEing.

With barely a conscious word spoken, you are creating the reality that supports You and your unique beliefs.

Can you believe and trust in that truth??

If so, it naturally reminds us that any sense of discord, lack, struggle, or dis-ease we know in our physical world is a reflection of the insecurities we hold within.

If you wish to shift your physical reality, focus your energy on reMembering:

  • How loved you are
  • How beautiful you are
  • How safe you are
  • How empowered you are
  • How wise you are
  • How creative you are
  • How blessed you are
  • How healthy you are

Each of these precious, heart-centered thoughts will naturally WHISPER a world into BEing!! ♥

To choose Love authentically…..is enough.

All that lies in opposition will heal itself, fall away, or transform most naturally.

You’re only job is to B E L I E V E !!!

Let your heart BE the prayer that puts all in motion.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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