Prayers For Those We Love

Our prayers make a difference!!

We may not always have the magic words to “make it all better”. But our single prayer to surround those we love in waves of Peace, Truth, and Love does make a difference.

These heart-felt prayers bring comfort to those we cherish as they navigate through their own soul’s journey. They whisper to each bright loved one, and let’s them know that they’re not alone.

On a soul level, those we pray for sense that there is great support and epic cheers of encouragement leading them on!!

Each breath and step may sometimes appear a bit drawn out for those in the midst of soul expansion and light-filled transformation, but if we (who care deeply) can hold a loving prayer of Peace and Gentle Experience for them, I believe that we’ll support their journey in a very real way.

Believe in the Power of Prayer my friends!! It may be exactly what that precious soul most needs. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

2 thoughts on “Prayers For Those We Love”

  1. How beautiful. I was immediately drawn to this post what a beautiful photo. You can feel the love in that photo moment your eyes see it.

    And then to click on a link and read such a beautiful post, just made my day.

    Surrounding each other with prayer and goodness it’s just the best thing that we could do for each other. Whether people know that it’s there or not it’s all for the better

    1. Yayyyyy!! I can feel your passion as well. Thank you for sharing. I’m so honored to journey with you today!! We are all so incredibly blessed!! ❤ Namaste’ my sister!!

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