Expanding Consciousness

Discernment in Spirituality

Spirituality brings us into communion with our own sacred light and voice. It brings us closer to God, Source, and all that is indefinable. By its very nature, its essence will be unique for each soul, because it is personal for each soul. There are countless mentors, teachers, and gurus in all walks of life,… Continue reading Discernment in Spirituality

Mystical Musings

Receptive Mode: On

All life moves through in cycles that honor every nuance of 'up and down', 'new and old', and 'to and fro'. We watch the ocean waves move in and out, the sun rise and set, and our breath continuously move in a pattern of intake of release. All nature is guided to move powerfully through… Continue reading Receptive Mode: On


Emotional Authenticity

Emotions are high right now. Our bodies are reacting to unseen energies, and some of us are feeling greater guilt and confusion because of these emotions. That just saddens me (authentically). You always have the right to BE YOU!! Although the higher states of truth, bring us to deep levels of peace and unyielding love… Continue reading Emotional Authenticity


I Breathed Through The Wrath Today

I breathed through the wrath today.  Does that surprise you?? Some old emotions were triggered within me.   And as I gave voice to those emotions...I imagined directing the seemingly deserved blame and fury against those who appear to perpetuate the original act of injustice. In that moment...it felt as if I have the right… Continue reading I Breathed Through The Wrath Today

Mystical Musings

Human Journeys…and Separation

I know that "saying good-bye" is a human concept.  It appears superfluous and silly from the higher realms of being.  And yet...it is sometimes an important part of our personal journey.  How can I tell myself that I am worthy of only respect and heart-centered kindness...unless I bravely "say good-bye" to those who are able… Continue reading Human Journeys…and Separation


Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

In this often complicated world...it's important to recognize that many radiant souls have a difficult time trusting the Light that flows through their own spirit!!   Nothing can negate or diminish that true force of Divine Presence...ever.   But each soul has the right to trust their own Light for guidance and direction...or to trust… Continue reading Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces



No matter your Belief, your Faith, your Heritage, your Education, your Experience, your Hue, your Age, your Size, your Status, your Demeanor, your Dogma or your Persuasion........ You Are A Singular and Unique Reflection of The ONE!! ONE LIGHT ~ ONE TRUTH ~ ONE GOD ~ ONE CREATOR ~ ONE UNIVERSAL SOURCE ~ ONE TIMELESS JOURNEY ~ ONE EVER-FLOWING RIVER of… Continue reading ONE HEART ♥


Envisioning LOVE on 9/11

Awareness is key!!  Let me begin by saying that...ALL WEEK LONG I have been noticing the Separation that everyone places between themselves and 'others'.  This 'they' mentality is almost overwhelming...everywhere I turn.   It's even coming from the mouths of many spiritual leaders in our community. I've been silently watching blame and egoic righteousness guide the… Continue reading Envisioning LOVE on 9/11

Expanding Consciousness, Oneness

Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

I was staring into the Heart of a great big Grandfather Oak tree when the sweet message of Ever-expanding Growth flowed to me.     I began to genuinely appreciate the impressive size of each supporting branch...and the immeasurable number of individual leaves.   All unique aspects of this amazing tree took TIME to grow,… Continue reading Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

Affirmations and Invocations


Dear Spirit......I Passionately Fly Freely and Effortlessly Into The Realms of Undeniable Infinite Potential Today!!   I Confidently KNOW What It Is That I Most Wish To Energize, Participate In, Create and Birth. My Heart Soars Into WHOLENESS Within MySelf....Accepting all BLESSINGS That Can Be. Only TRUTH ~ BEAUTY ~ and AWARENESS Blossoms Radiantly Within Me.… Continue reading Wholeness