Expanding Consciousness

Discernment in Spirituality

Spirituality brings us into communion with our own sacred light and voice. It brings us closer to God, Source, and all that is indefinable. By its very nature, its essence will be unique for each soul, because it is personal for each soul. There are countless mentors, teachers, and gurus in all walks of life,… Continue reading Discernment in Spirituality

Expanding Consciousness

We Are The “WayShowers”

Each time we face a well-known situation, challenge, or opportunity with a new and enLightened outlook, we inspire others to do the same. We help to break through indoctrinated patterns and stereotypical assumptions. We raise consciousness and introduce new paths of possibility. Just by BEing who we are, facing our own unique circumstances with as… Continue reading We Are The “WayShowers”


Giving Voice to Anger

What a complicated emotion Anger is. It's at the core of every passive-aggressive communication, and so many limiting traits, patterns, and beliefs. If we don't find a way to give it voice and express itself in a healthy way, it will always find a way to control our thoughts and behaviors. Until we face it… Continue reading Giving Voice to Anger

Spirit Teachings

Ego and The White Bag

Without judgment, the Ego holds this bounded world of structure, order, and physicality in place. It's the voice within, that shields us from the infinite and formless within all moments and experiences. And it does so, so that we can soulfully explore the depths of duality and forgetfulness, until we're ready for more!! In essence,… Continue reading Ego and The White Bag


My Dance Partner…

I'm here. I've arrived. To the Edge of all I've known. Before me now, lies the uncharted, unexpected WONDER of formless expression and truth. Not 'formless' in regards to being manifest, tangible, or real. But 'formless' in regards to BEing boundless, indescribable, and beyond verifiable measure. What lies before me now, exists beyond all previously accepted… Continue reading My Dance Partner…

Affirmations and Invocations

Where Is Your Focus??

Even 'forgetfulness' is a chosen state of BEing. When we're ready to reMember, we will. When we're ready to See, we will.  Nothing is ever kept from he or she who seeks greater truth in earnest. The door will always open...and truth shall always be found. It's inherent in the natural order of all life. Seek,… Continue reading Where Is Your Focus??

Channeled Messages

Live-Wired and Lovin’ It

The more I clear old and limiting thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs, the more I feel amped up and connected to the infinite flow of divine SOURCE. That's right. After every bout of fear-facing, self-questioning drama, I become a clearer CHANNEL for universal Source to move and groove through!! And so do you. You see, every… Continue reading Live-Wired and Lovin’ It

Expanding Consciousness

Peace Within…and Throughout

Every now and then I need to remind myself that it has taken me years to evolve my personal state of BEing to one that fully embraces Peace within...and throughout (as often as possible). It was not always easing choosing PEACE when all appears a bit rushed and chaotic.    But as I started to… Continue reading Peace Within…and Throughout

Mystical Musings

Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

How often do we sit in stillness......to lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities?? As we move through life.....we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And.....if we don't pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were… Continue reading Reflections of Our Shifting Identity