Expanding Consciousness

We Are The “WayShowers”

Each time we face a well-known situation, challenge, or opportunity with a new and enLightened outlook, we inspire others to do the same. We help to break through indoctrinated patterns and stereotypical assumptions. We raise consciousness and introduce new paths of possibility. Just by BEing who we are, facing our own unique circumstances with as… Continue reading We Are The “WayShowers”

Expanding Consciousness

The Beauty in Non-Conformity

We'd like to see ourSelves, and all humanity, fit into cookie-cutter patterns and forms of identity. But that can never be, authentically. We are each energetic in form, and more diverse than our intellect can perceive. So why attempt to 'know' another's identity, when they themselves are progressively discovering that Truth for themselves each day??… Continue reading The Beauty in Non-Conformity

Mystical Musings

Shifting Paradigms…and MONOPOLY

We, as a society are gravitating towards more gentle and compassionate paths. We're continuously re-evaluating the paradigms and expectations that no longer inspire a positive viewpoint, and we're bravely letting go of all that seems a bit archaic in contrast to what can be.  Last night we, as a family, chose to play Monopoly. I… Continue reading Shifting Paradigms…and MONOPOLY