Expanding Consciousness

We Are The “WayShowers”

Each time we face a well-known situation, challenge, or opportunity with a new and enLightened outlook, we inspire others to do the same.

We help to break through indoctrinated patterns and stereotypical assumptions. We raise consciousness and introduce new paths of possibility.

Just by BEing who we are, facing our own unique circumstances with as much ease and grace as can be, we lay a path of tried-and-trusted patterning for others to explore and embrace.

Some of us are soul-programmed to leap into all that is new and pioneering. While some of us prefer a verifiable “map” to lead the way.

Each time a WayShower walks ahead into new experience, they pave the “way” for that path to be trusted by another, again and again.

Even if we can’t yet recognize the difference that our pioneering choices continuously make, the difference is made!! On a subtle level of collective BEing, our brave heart-centered choices affect all of humanity.

We’re innocently layering a new foundation for emPowered BEing.

As a passionate seeker of all that emPowers our SOUL to be free, I sometimes wonder why I trip back into challenged points of perception and view. And although there are always other grand reasons and purposes, one very important one is that:


Sometimes, I am able to uplift a karmic patterning for all of humanity, simply because I’m willing to look at it differently this time.

Sometimes, I am able to go deep into what remains a bit stuck (on a human collective) and SHIFT ALL to higher frequency.


On one level, my experience is intimate and personal. And on another, it’s so much grander and magnificent.

In truth, it’s not always about “ME”.

Sometimes I serve as the portal for expanded potential and possibility.

And so do you!!

Be proud of your unique view in this world. It might just be THE VIEW that this world needs to become inspired and emPowered.

Trust your instincts to take YOU where no soul has journeyed before.


Perfectly so.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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