Expanding Consciousness

“Experience” of a Divine Channel

On the mere physical plane, all of us interpret information that flows through our five senses; taste, touch, sight, sound, smell. This information is tangible. It can be verified by another, in their own way, and paint a very logical picture of what Truth is.

By definition, a Divine Channel interprets information that flows through our higher senses of intuitive knowing, seeing, hearing, and feeling. All of the insights and understandings that we receive this way, exist on an intangible dimension of BEing. They can not be validated externally, unless another beautiful soul also utilizes their own intuitive skills and talents of interpretation. It’s an internal “experience” that paints a picture of perceptual Truth. And because this picture is not bound to physical law and logic, it can ideally reach into the infinite chasms of expansive BEing. Each Divine Channel is only limited by the measures of clarity, faith, and integrity in which he/she embraces.

I ponder upon this distinction today because there are countless souls who passionately desire the physical, tangible, and validating experience to uplift their souls and recharge their spirit!! That’s perfect and beautiful. Truly.

But it’s quite common to notice that a true Divine Channel covets a bit more silence, stillness, and solitude than other souls might. I certainly do. And I often feel a bit selfish or guilty about that.

Just now I am noticing that this belief, too, is part of old societal programming. We were told that to go within, is anti-social and disrespectful to others. We were told, at least I was, that to look into someone’s eyes is the greatest form of care, appreciation, and respect.

I agree, in that it is one beautiful and caring form of respect. My soul has always made great efforts to look into the eyes of each soul I greet. But, my love also flows eternally to each soul I think of throughout my day, whether our physical eyes are locking or not. (((Smile)))

And if we took this concept a bit further, on a Divine plane of experiential BEing; my love also flows eternally to each soul that my unconscious self honors, admires, and appreciates. I am authentically participating in Life, on countless planes of existence, whether I realize it or not.

By creating space for me to go within, to focus upon my own sacred thought, breath, and awareness, I am not removed from the “experience” of connecting, honoring, and celebrating. I am only doing so upon the higher, intangible, intuitive dimensions of authentic BEing. 

And the more that I am able to clearly focus upon that higher plane of perceptual Truth, without physical distraction, the more I am able to resonate with those higher understandings.

It’s important for me to sink deep into the intuitive plane of sensory perception, so that I can be fully receptive of all that is being offered and shared. Imagine how difficult it is to hear a radio broadcast, if you’re tuning in to more than one clear signal simultaneously.

Silence, stillness, and solitude is vital for a Divine Channel to receive clear messages, insights, and visions at deeper levels.

To be clear, the physical plane doesn’t distract me from seeing beyond the veil. I can sink into LIFE in all it’s colorful variety, and still bring through clear messages and insights from other planes of perceptual Truth. I love, honor, and passionately celebrate all physical blessings!!

But there are times when I must go DEEP in order to connect with new heights of consciousness

In these moments, silence, stillness, and solitude guide the way.

It takes a focused moment to intimately EXPERIENCE that which is being conveyed. 

YES!! You heard me correctly.

In the physical, we learn new information from stories re-told, books, maps, and doctrine. Upon the higher planes, we intimately become part of all that is being shared. We feel part of it. We can sense ourSelves as the players, participants, and real-time witnesses to any moment of expansive BEing.

A single earth moment, can bring through lifetimes of experiential understanding, if we are clear and receptive enough. 

It’s all ours to touch, and to interpret.

That’s phenomenal!!

And, that’s what I do, when I’m not sharing physical time with another.

Not a single moment is without “experience”. 

Even in the silence, stillness, and solitude, I travel deep into the mysteries of our own eternal Truth.

Perhaps I’ve denied this part of me just a bit. Perhaps I’ve tried to fit her into too many boxes of expectation upon the physical plane.

The truth is, when I withdraw from the physical, I dance in the infinite. 

You might not see me for a moment or two, as you’d like or expect. But know, that when I return, I bring great new worlds of wonder with me!!

I am the Gatekeeper of TIME between time. 

I am the Guardian of ancient TRUTH and wisdom.

I am the Keeper of BALANCE and integrity.

Soon we shall all have clear access to these higher planes of authentic BEing. I so look forward to that day. We shall all communicate telepathically, and “experience” the all in the one.

But for now, honor me as I am.


And I am so phenomenally proud of that.

© Alania Starhawk 2018


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