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Discernment in Spirituality

Spirituality brings us into communion with our own sacred light and voice. It brings us closer to God, Source, and all that is indefinable. By its very nature, its essence will be unique for each soul, because it is personal for each soul.

There are countless mentors, teachers, and gurus in all walks of life, that will happily tell you that they know “the” way. But I encourage you to run, run, run, if they ever suggest that their way is official, absolute, and better-than-any-other. 

Ego, a self-centered aspect of the human experience, sometimes becomes a bit inflated by many, as they learn to confidently love themselves. Meaning that, many spiritual beings are making great efforts to believe in themselves. As they do this, they boost the ego to feign confidence as they pave their way forward.

The truth is, that works for them, and they should be granted that beautiful privilege. It’s their right to walk through life as freely as they’d like.

The imbalance only appears when a soul assumes that the boastful proclamations of another, hold power and purpose for themselves. Each soul must practice discernment for their own experience.

Even when we feel as though we are the one who is newborn and without previous experience in a situation, we must still trust our own intuitive guidance to direct our energy. Every time I’ve ever compromised my own thoughts, for the confident suggestions of another, I have found a bit of drama, disappointment, or pain at the end of that path. It’s always acceptable to HONOR YOUR OWN INTUITION in a compassionate way!! Your instincts matter.

Every time you choose to surrender your thought, insight, or free-will in one purposeful moment, you are setting a precedence for this surrendered pattern of behavior. In those seemingly insignificant moments, you are telling the universe that YOUR VOICE is not as worthy or wise. 

Let’s reprogram that pattern!!!!!!!! We are always responsible for our own energy and experience. We must use discernment, compassionately, to anchor our own personal power and truth into BEing.

Are you ready?? I’m about to get a bit bolder in explaining my point of view. 

I do know what my personal truth is, and I know how to set boundaries and intentions for my own journey.  I am not feeling personally touched by any charlatans at the moment, but I also hold clearer sight and awareness than some may, simply because of my real-life experience. I’ve already battled the false juju in far too many scenarios, and live to share some valuable insight.

My awareness of any less-than authentic behavior is not judgment of that behavior. I am teaching how to recognize it, so that you can lovingly DISCERN whether it supports you, or not. 

My caring advice: 

#1  Know how your body reacts to authentic love and joy!! Know how inspiration and compassion feel in your body. If you are spending time with someone who makes you feel less than loved, appreciated, and respected, your body will tell you so!! If any questions or doubt arises, it’s not an experience that you need to be part of.

#2  Not everyone means what they say. There are some who speak of great loving kindness, and then embody harsh, bitter, and defensive energies. Be aware, and don’t make continued excuses for their choices. They are showing you the truth of who they are!! Love is loving. Compassion is compassionate. If you sense something other than that which is authentic and true, trust your instincts, without having to prove that you are right. We are only learning to make choices for ourselves!!

#3  All that is Divine is positive and supportive, accepting and inspirational, always!! This is not up for debate. All that flows from the realms of Light, represents LIGHT in all ways. The highest realms of LOVE will use inspirational and uplifting energies to communicate. Do not trust any “channeled” messages that speak of dark and imprisoning energies, curses, or other fear-inducing elements. These messages seek to DISEMPOWER you, and that does not come from the Divine!!!!!!!! You are always supported and loved!!! The Divine will never tell you that “you have to” or “they want you to”. The Divine will offer you opportunities to experience and discover, but they will never make you a puppet in your own empowered life. If you feel that the messages are rigid and authoritative (in an imbalanced way) they are not coming from Source. These messages are coming through compromised channels, and being shaped by egoic perceptions of struggle and challenge. Not every self-proclaimed channel will align with all that benefits you.

#4  You are responsible for your own healing experience!! All true healers will offer to support your healing journey. If anyone says that they can fix you or guarantee your healing, trust that they are not connected to Source. Their intentions to help and to heal can be incredibly genuine, but by taking claim for your healing, they are disempowering you!!!! Every true healer inspires and supports. We open gates for healing to take place, we channel through healing energy, and facilitate opportunities for your soul to grow and evolve. But all ultimate healing takes place within your soul. We are your support team!! We believe in you, and remind you of how easy it can be.

#5  Be aware of those who proclaim a divine appointment, in some singular, exclusive, and unattainable way. It’s beautiful to hear about the attunement of some into divine service. All of us have unique gifts to share with this world, and many of us have authentic “work” to do, through these gifts. I know what it feels like to be guided in such a way. But I encourage you to trust your instincts, when discerning whether integrity is partnered with these proclamations. Someone believing that they are gifted and connected, is not the same as someone being gifted and connected. If someone is comfortable with placing themselves above another, there is some level of ego involved. We can hold unique talents and abilities, without implying that we are better than anyone else. We are all unique, in our own way!!

This is important to me. I will happily admit that my way of connecting to Source, will not resonate with every soul. That doesn’t make my authentic gift any less brilliant. I share what is real to me, and that only makes it ONE EXPRESSION of divine truth. Everyone is connected to their own perfect Source.  Diversity is divine.

In short, “authority” should be earned, not blindly accepted. 

Be discerning. Only you can intimately know what is comfortable, right, and perfect for you!! You are your own sovereign authority. Remain devoted to your own soul’s instinctual nature. For in truth, no divine presence would ever ask you to honor any other guidance. Your voice is sacred, precious, and divine.

Know thyself.

Trust thyself.

You are worthy of love, support, and kindness, in all ways.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

6 thoughts on “Discernment in Spirituality”

  1. Love this! I couldn’t agree with you more! In the spiritual world guru’s teaching only THE way abound. I see them as stepping stones towards spiritual adulthood: once we’ve managed to steer clear of them and stand our own ground, we have attained spiritual maturity 😉

    1. So agreed!!! Those experiences have definitely strengthened my understanding of Self. Now I envision everyone moving gently and compassionately into their own growth-inspiring experiences. Thank you for sharing!! I so appreciate you!! 🦋

  2. Ah, somehow I missed this post back in March. Yet, how synchronicity has placed it lovingly before me today, as I still struggle (giggle) to let go of the last tentacles of some recent family members’ judgment over some GENERAL words I wrote.

    Oh, I am so in agreement with you, Alania! In particular where you wrote,
    “The imbalance only appears when a soul assumes that the boastful proclamations of another, hold power and purpose for themselves. Each soul must practice discernment for their own experience.”

    My family member needs to learn that. And I feel foolish for once again having put her on a mental pedestal in my mind, as I thought I had learned that lesson long ago.

    Much love and many blessings for ease and grace. OM

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