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Ma Durga, and her Divine Embrace

It might be a full week now, since I felt the heaviness of this earthly world fill me. The sensations came without warning, and triggered me into a self-nuturing, cuddle-in-the-blankets, sort of evening.

While falling asleep, I prayed for support and healing from the Divine. I knew that this sensitive point of view was rising for a reason, even though I couldn’t see it all. I also knew that Divine Source had my back. Whatever my soul needed, to heal this imbalance, would flow gracefully, if I surrendered to the higher planes of healing that fill me and surround me. 

At the most perfect time, in my dream state, Ma Durga appeared before me. She is the Divine Mother, in Hindu faith and tradition. She is the force of Life in all things. She is compassion and grace; And when need be, she is destruction and transformation. She is the epic embodiment of all things Divine.

In my dream state, she stood before me, larger than life, with her many arms outstretched in love and support. Her mystical Tiger, immense by any measurement, as an extension of her own Light, accompanied her. 

With her simple presence, my soul knew great peace. I was reminded that with her infinite support, all is eternally well. All I could ever require was within her effortless power to grant. I held a clear understanding that all perception of disharmony, in this earth experience, was illusion. All is well.

I instantly woke up with this ecstatic remembrance. I knew that all was now healed, within. 

However, my journey was not yet complete.

I was awake, in my bedroom. But here she was, again. Alive, and present, in my very earthly understanding of Life. 

Through my third eye, I recognized her brilliance before me. Her Light was so vast and boundless that she reached far beyond the measures of my physical bedroom. And still, she was perceptually present with me, in this perfect moment. 

Her regal Tiger, appearing as an embodiment of fierce flames in motion, radiated both compassion and strength, in miraculous ways. I felt safe. I felt loved.

Ma’s voice began to draw my attention back into focus. With her eyes, opening to the infinite chasms of extraordinary BEing, she reflected the story of humanity’s experience to me.

Through whispered words, and telepathic storytelling, she painted a picture for me.

She is the womb of all creation. All that comes to life, does so through her touch and embrace. But as the creation of life became less sacred (in perception and appreciation), the intimacy and bond between Mother and Child became diminished. 

The belief that we are separate, independent, and insignificant, created ever-increasing distance between ourselves and all that is Divine.

As a consequence, very few of us know what it feels like to loved, adored, nurtured, and supported in every conceivable way!! We have neglected to accept the compassionate embrace that connects us to all expansions of Divine BEing. 

And with this reMembrance, she stretched out her many arms to wrap around my whole Self. Within and throughout, I sensed every point of resistance melting into resonance, acceptance, and love. 

This embrace was to remind me of what true peace and love feels like.

This is what is needed upon this earth plane now.

I understand.

If we want life to become more inspiring, we must be the ones to inspire and nurture. We must be the ones to remind all, that love is real, compassion heals, and joy is a gift that we choose for ourselves. 

This is the path we are now upon. Awakening the Divine Feminine, within and throughout, so that we may compassionately melt all resistance to BEing safe, secure, precious, sacred, and empowered in our earthly experience.

After all, how can we remember that we are authentically Divine, if we have forgotten how to feel comfortable in our earth experience.

In this moment, Ma Durga appears to be greater, grander, and more illustrious than our wildest fantasies. But in time, we will learn to see her, and all she represents, as a reflection of our most radiant Truth. 

There is only ONE source of Divine Light in all eternal existence, and within that spark of ONENESS, we are all united into infinite presence. 

I am you.

You are me.


© Alania Starhawk 2018


As a sidenote:

I offer incredible depths of GRATITIUDE for your presence and love, Ma Durga. You have awakened something within me, that was desperately yearning to be felt. I honor you,  in every wondrous way. ♥ Thank you!! I love you!!







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  1. I joyously celebrate the uplifting you experienced via the transcendent “higher planes of healing” that filled and enveloped you! Oh! The wonder and mystery of such an expansive moment. I have felt that also (during meditation), which is why I write of Omniscience. And why I feel no need for perfection or protection. ❤️🦋🌀🧘‍♂️

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