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Jesus Leads the Way

Jesus, and his “tribulations”, serve as a roadmap into conscious evolution, and ultimate freedom. 

However, we need not endure the same measures of “condemnation and sacrifice” in order to free our mind, body, and soul from all that confines and distracts us. We hold it within our sacred power to free ourSelves now, from every self-inflicted cruelty.

We are not the body, which can identify with struggle and pain. We are the eternal SPIRIT which takes on a body (a form) to express, experience, and communicate, as freely as we’d like. 

When Jesus appeared upon the 3rd day, he showed us that his consciousness had “risen” beyond the constructs of a limited mind, body, and spirit. He had merged with the infinite presence of Divine Being and was whole (without mark, wound, or imprint of all he had known before).

The “suffering” is a perception, that becomes our reality when we participate with it as a personal experience. 

Jesus, the embodiment of all Divine Light, had awareness of the greater Truth. He came to LIGHT the way, for us to see our own potentials clearly. He served as a reflection of our SACRED TRUTH, and of our basest insecurities, too. He touched upon all false-perception, within the human experience, and elevated its understanding.

It is now our responsibility to SEE BEYOND all that appears, to intuit the freedom-filled path before us.

Divine Sight is our inheritance.

Jesus began his ministry by facing every sense of chaos, disorder, injustice, lack, loss, insecurity, degrading self-worth, disease, and struggle in the physical world. He brought peace where there was conflict. He offered mercy where there was judgment. He birthed hope where there was sorrow. He renewed life where there was death.

All these acts of immeasurable compassion and love, can be viewed from an internal or external point of view. At times, he quelled fear in the hearts of innumerable souls. He made an impact upon grand scales, by any measurement. But, from a deeper level of understanding, he touched each soul uniquely.

These crowds of followers were made up of countless individuals, all finding what their souls were seeking. The healing was manifesting inwardly, for each one. 

Although our attention is often upon the multitudes, it is the intimate soul-choice of each ONE that creates the “multitude”. All begins within.

Jesus came to remind us that every DIVINE GIFT is already ours. We must shed all alignment with the distractions, to be at home in our greatest Truth. Love is always ours to embrace and claim. 

Love awakens, heals, uplifts, and fulfills. Love shifts all imbalanced reality.

He reflected this truth to us, time and time again. He melted all resistance, to seed every path in Love.

When the Truth had been returned to our embrace, he trusted that we would have this knowledge and knowing to guide us through every darkened day. We would no longer require our environment to define our experience. We would have the sacred truths, of divine connection, to guide our mind, body, and soul through all presence of illusion and false-perception. 

We would have to become the bearers of our own LIGHT now. 

So, with grace and compassion, he allowed himself to become a REFLECTION of our (humanity’s) darkest truths.

How could we truly witness and understand our own levels of self-condemnation and suffering, unless he embodied that for us too??

I confidently know that Jesus did not feel “pain” in these moments of physical challenge!!

He was an embodiment of DIVINE LIGHT, and understood that all separation, struggle, and pain was illusion. He didn’t personally identify with these perceptions of reality. Yet, he voluntarily participated in them, to REFLECT our darkest perceptions to us, in a profound way.

It was important to embrace the depth of struggle, pain, and injustice (in appearance), so that he could RISE from it all, untouched!!

Only those “with eyes to see” could understand the deeper symbolism and teaching.

Are you ready??

Will you accept this DIVINE SIGHT as a healing gift, into your awareness, now?? 

You be the one to discern your own truth. Sense how your body feels when you think of the “suffering”, and how your body feels when you think of “the rise”.

Jesus never said that he was our “savior”. He said that he came to remind us of who we are, and of the inheritance that is ours. He offered us the opportunity to FREE OURSELVES from illusions that bind.

His teachings awaken LOVE within and throughout.

So know, that in that darkness before the dawn, when all hope seems lost and divine memories fade, we have his TRUE PRESENCE to Light the way. 

All loss is illusion. He made that clear. With DIVINE SIGHT all things are abundant and whole.

All darkness is by perception alone. 

In LOVE, all Truth is known.

Dear Jesus, Walk with us upon this day. Remind us of our own strength, our own Light, and our own precious Truth. We accept your guidance, and all you have revealed. We step beyond all confines of limitation and pain, to embody the LOVE that is eternal and pure. With you, we are whole. 

© Alania Starhawk 2018

2 thoughts on “Jesus Leads the Way”

  1. Ah, here we go again in a synchronistic dance of sorts, with your words illuminating what my mother was trying to communicate to me in dream state last night!

    You wrote, “We are the eternal SPIRIT which takes on a body (a form) to express, experience, and communicate, as freely as we’d like.” And ahhh, yes, this was what my mom was enveloping me in last night! She had been extremely limited the last two years of her life, but this was what she wanted me to know! She’s without form now, free, and luxuriously limitless!!!

    Endless thanks and eternal blessings, dearest Alania! ❤️🦋🌀😘

    1. Oh sweet one, this brings me so much JOY!!!!!!!!! 💛 This Love, that Mom is enveloping you in, is precious. And it expands every time you begin to trust in it more. 🦋 I love you!! Thank you for sharing!!

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