Spirit Teachings

Jesus Leads the Way

I know. And yet, I have to continuously remind mySelf. We are so dependent upon an outer reflection of support and security, in our life. Even when we are wise enough to intuitively know that we are our own eternal source of all that feeds, nurtures, and inspires, it requires an additional moment to reprogram… Continue reading Jesus Leads the Way


Medicine Woman Sings Her Song

It was a peaceful walk along the river’s edge. The breeze brought in whispers of voices that can only be heard by those who are pure of heart. It was these voices that led me forward, into the mystical chasm of time between time. My soul was connecting to the energies of this land, and… Continue reading Medicine Woman Sings Her Song

Affirmations and Invocations

We…As The Ambassadors

And WE as the ambassadors of this bright new day…must stand strong and pure in our own SACRED WAY!!!   Let LOVE flow through you!!   Let LOVE be your guide!!   Let LOVE be the power you embrace and apply!!   As we embody all we hold to be true...WE BECOME THAT GREAT MESSAGE… Continue reading We…As The Ambassadors