Medicine Woman Sings Her Song

It was a peaceful walk along the river’s edge. The breeze brought in whispers of voices that can only be heard by those who are pure of heart. It was these voices that led me forward, into the mystical chasm of time between time.

My soul was connecting to the energies of this land, and I could sense that I was no longer in the purely physical realm of experience. I could sense the land beneath my feet, and the sun beaming upon my body. But my awareness had lifted to an altered state of BEing.

From this heightened state of perception, I felt the Spirit of this land calling to me. It was welcoming me Home.  But the “me” they spoke to was without form and without age. There was a great sense of intimacy between my eternal Self and all that was ALIVE in this land. We had worked together countless times before, for the benefit of humanity. And, it was time once again to forge this sacred bond.

The twisting path that I had been following, now wove its way into a hidden canyon that opened into a bountiful green oasis of trees and plant-life. But it was the immense presence of the stone Grandfathers and Grandmothers (upon all sides) that captured my attention. The cascading walls of red-rock all spoke to my heart. They are the wisdom-keepers, and I was ready to remember.


As I sought to connect to this pure energy, a tall guardian appeared at my side (in spirit form) to remind me of who I am. This was a true soul brother; one who has walked with me through the ages. My heart melted to sense his presence, and to feel his love. And with this thought, he showed me a vision of our young souls, hand in hand.

He knew me when I was a young, carefree, Native American woman (in a lifetime long passed). He reminded me that I had a passionate FIRE within my spirit, that would allow me to move beyond the veils of separation, to heal and inspire a nation of people.

And so, I honored that bold spirit within by becoming a Medicine Woman for my people, in that life. My vision of being young and innocent now transformed, and I clearly saw mySelf as an older grandmother, with the same FIRE still alive within her spirit.

Once a year, I would prepare my body, mind, and spirit for a great vision quest. I would carry the prayers of my people, and set out on a sole journey that brought me here, to this sacred land. Whether it was this canyon, or another of similar frequency, it did not matter. All was taking place on a higher state of conscious BEing.

I had a personal relationship with each child, woman and man in my community, and they each entrusted their hopes, dreams, healing paths, and challenges to me. It was a great honor to be this channel of divine connection for them. I clearly understood that when I was in this higher state of BEing, I was no longer my human essence alone. In order to be clear, I merged my whole SELF into the elements of Life that surrounded me.

I remained in trance state for most of the experience. From the first step, to the last. I would enter into this canyon as a welcomed sister of the rocks, the wind, the water, and the earth. All elements gracefully supported my journey, and recognized my great purpose.

They would guide me to a point of sacred power within the canyon, and from that point, I would sing my song.


This song was an organic expression of my passionate free-flowing heart. It told the stories of all that was happening with my people. It eloquently carried their prayers and concerns, and celebrated the dreams of that which they wished to embrace. This song honored our ancestors, all life, and all creation. It was the prayer in which all became ONE, and harmony between “there and here” could be sown.

This song was a long one. For days and weeks I would forget the needs of my “body”. All that transpired, took place on the higher realms. This was a true transcendental experience, that could never truly be understood by one who has not made the journey.

When it was time for me to emerge from this state of ecstatic soulUnion with the infinite cosmos, I emerged anew, resonating with all that had been revealed to me. The knowledge that had been imparted, became part of my essence. I was the vessel for all that was being shared.

What an honored privilege.

I would then carry back all that I had received, to my people. Lifting hearts, to feel connected, supported, and alive. I was the direct channel to all that existed beyond the beyond.

And as I held this vision of this pure and ancient part of me, I suddenly realized that it is still my story. The fire still lives within, allowing me to step beyond the bounds of perception to COMMUNE in the sacred realm of the Heart, of the One, of the All.

I still feel connected to those masterful rocks, to the canyon that supported me so, and to every sacred experience I’ve been part of throughout time.

There’s a surrender within my spirit, that allows me to sense this gateway of connection in all moments, and in all places. The point of sacred power is now held within. And it takes no more than a shift of perception to BE AT HOME in all that is gracefully, lovingly, and passionately shared in ever-flowing Truth.

I am Medicine Woman, and I still sing my song. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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