Channeled Messages

Transition and Transformation

Every breath guides us forward into a “new” moment and experience. Every step leads the way forward into “new” understanding, awareness, and possibility.

It’s the natural order of all things. To spiral forward into evolutionary expansion, effortlessly.

It’s how we move through all of the seasons and stages of our life. Subtly shifting free from all that has outlived its perfect purpose, and stepping into all that newly feeds, inspires, and supports.

It can be a beautiful dance of transition and transformation, when we sink into the knowing that we are eternally supported and loved.

Are you there yet??

Are you able to easily trust every new breath, step, and adventure as perfectly aligned with your soul’s growth??

I’d really like to say that “I AM”, but I’m not. Not completely. Not absolutely.

I find mySelf in an incredibly blessed door of transition, once again. And even though my heart is racing with pure excitement as I imagine the new and wondrous possibilities, I also recognize that my body still reacts to all the years (and lifetimes) of casual indoctrination that made me feel a bit vulnerable and insecure during times of shift and change.

We have so many false and limited perceptions wrapped up in our experiences. Even though we are healing all old and outdated beliefs, we still hold subtle judgments for what has been, and expectations for what should be. It’s not always easy to see clearly, from the highest perspective.

So as I prepare for all that comes next, upon this adventure, I ask for clarity and support from the higher realms of consciousness.

Trust that this message speaks directly to you, as much as it speaks to me. This is what I receive:

Beautiful One, you are such a kind and gentle spirit. You are noticing the signs of completion in your life, guiding you forward to your next evolutionary adventure. Please trust that ALL PATHS lead you exactly where you need to be, to honor your soul’s growth and expansion. 

If there were still more to learn, embrace, and welcome in this exact moment, your focus would be held intently in this moment. The fact that your awareness is gently moving forward, tells you that something new and wondrous now calls out to you.

A part of you questions the uncertainty of that which lies ahead. But we remind you, that YOUR PRECIOUS SOUL is the voice and presence of all that calls you forward!! 

This is a time of CELEBRATION in your life. All that you stepped into this adventure to embrace, has been activated, anchored, and received. If it appears that the experience has moved forward much more quickly than you had expected, then congratulate yourSelf!! This is because YOU moved through each gate of initiation with grace and ease. You are in alignment with your soul’s highest purpose and truth.

This exact same season of growth and learning could have stretched out much longer upon your physical earth journey, if you had desired. But you bravely processed each passing dynamic that presented itself, and without even trying to, you naturally embraced all that your soul had wished to embrace in this particular experience.

You’ve evolved, and are ready for more.

Even though you are not clear upon what “more” actually represents in your life, you will naturally be guided to ALL that honors and supports your soul journey. Your soul knows. Your spirit knows.

The perception that transition must be challenging, uncertain, and precarious is one more BELIEF that is currently evolving for you. It is false, and holds no truth. Be clear. Only blessings lie upon your GOLDEN PATH of transformation!!

Life is designed to evolve and expand. You are not coming through a trial of survival. You are ascending through a path of purposeful experience. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s precious. 

Let yourSelf be lovingly guided.

We are ecstatic to reveal these next steps to you, in perfect measure and time.

Enjoy the transformation. ♥

It’s a privileged state of BEing.

~ Divine Spirit

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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