Universal Prayers for All

Blessings, My Brothers and Sisters!! I welcome YOU to join me, on Wednesday, August 1st, from wherever you are. I will be holding loving intentions for every bright soul who wishes to receive, while sitting within an epic gateway of Light at Phillipe Park, in Safety Harbor, FL. Will you join me??  You're invited to join… Continue reading Universal Prayers for All

Channeled Messages

Transition and Transformation

Every breath guides us forward into a "new" moment and experience. Every step leads the way forward into "new" understanding, awareness, and possibility. It's the natural order of all things. To spiral forward into evolutionary expansion...effortlessly. It's how we move through all of the seasons and stages of our life. Subtly shifting free from all… Continue reading Transition and Transformation

Mystical Musings

Receptive Mode: On

All life moves through in cycles that honor every nuance of 'up and down', 'new and old', and 'to and fro'. We watch the ocean waves move in and out, the sun rise and set, and our breath continuously move in a pattern of intake of release. All nature is guided to move powerfully through… Continue reading Receptive Mode: On


Living Empowered

Are you still bearing the 'mark' of tragedy, pain, and struggle?? Can you still identify with being the one who was mistreated and misunderstood in your life?? If we still see ourselves as the 'survivor' of any small or great injustice in our life, then we are still living in a victim-based mentality. With the… Continue reading Living Empowered

Spirit Teachings

Decoding the Mystery of “Hell”

My natural tendencies are to stay clear of darker subject matter, unless I sense that my words or insight may bring healing and shift awareness in some way. And since I have been gifted with an elevated understanding of all we refer to as ‘Hell’...I am choosing to bring the mystery of judgment, punishment and… Continue reading Decoding the Mystery of “Hell”

Channeled Messages

You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

We are the Light of Divine Consciousness in human form!! It's true...and yet we are only beginning to trust this truth as valid and certain for ourSelves. Dear Spirit...I ask for guidance and inspiration.   Please share that which will inspire us now. In ancient days, all commonly recognized themselves as inherently sovereign and empowered.… Continue reading You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

Channeled Messages

Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

From a deeply meditative state of BEing... I welcome all inspiration and clarity that would assist me to heal the physical discomfort and pain I feel at times. And so I sense the great Master of Light, Osiris, with me once again. In stillness...I receive. Dear One...You're still looking for the 'cause' of your discomfort… Continue reading Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

Channeled Messages

Truth of Our Divine Light

Dear Spirit, I wish to remember ~ to awaken ~ to honor ~ and to embrace the true Light of my Soul. Draw back from your current awareness, Dear One...and from all which appears to offer you truth. Step back through the doorway of Creation to see yourSelf without form. Can you recall the Light… Continue reading Truth of Our Divine Light

Mystical Musings

The Beauty of An Unmarked Path

We had just arrived in Sedona, AZ the evening before...and this was our first vortex visit and hiking expedition.   We drove up to the Airport Mesa Vortex site....but the parking area was full.   So we continued on to the top of the mountain.   At the top...there was a beautiful overlook.   But… Continue reading The Beauty of An Unmarked Path


Thunder Mountain…and Me

What a gift it can be. To stand in true awe and amazement of the magnificence that surrounds you. To feel your heart expand instantly in the majesty that presents itself.  To know that this place, this space, this time is absolutely perfect, for you!! The universe called me to this exact moment, and awakened… Continue reading Thunder Mountain…and Me