Expanding Consciousness

I Am the Alpha and Omega

I am healed. And, “I” am the healing that I seek. I say this so clearly at 4am, fully understanding that I AM the alpha and omega. I am the beginning and the end. I already am all that I seek to be. It’s not just a concept in this pure moment of clarity. It’s… Continue reading I Am the Alpha and Omega


Living Empowered

Are you still bearing the 'mark' of tragedy, pain, and struggle?? Can you still identify with being the one who was mistreated and misunderstood in your life?? If we still see ourselves as the 'survivor' of any small or great injustice in our life, then we are still living in a victim-based mentality. With the… Continue reading Living Empowered

Expanding Consciousness

Trusting the Unverifiable

There are elements of this beautiful earth experience that can only be known through use of our insight, intuition, and heart-sense. That means that our perceived truth (through use of these senses) can not be quantifiably verified by another. The understanding of these experiences - that lie beyond the physical plane - can only be… Continue reading Trusting the Unverifiable

Channeled Messages

Truth of Our Divine Light

Dear Spirit, I wish to remember ~ to awaken ~ to honor ~ and to embrace the true Light of my Soul. Draw back from your current awareness, Dear One...and from all which appears to offer you truth. Step back through the doorway of Creation to see yourSelf without form. Can you recall the Light… Continue reading Truth of Our Divine Light


Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

In this often complicated world...it's important to recognize that many radiant souls have a difficult time trusting the Light that flows through their own spirit!!   Nothing can negate or diminish that true force of Divine Presence...ever.   But each soul has the right to trust their own Light for guidance and direction...or to trust… Continue reading Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

Affirmations and Invocations

Love YourSELF ♥

Are you still looking outside of yourSelf for guidance and support?? Are you subconsciously elevating the confident voices and opinions of others before your own?? Stand AWARE of the wise and brilliant Force you are!!! Only YOU can discern what is best, natural, and fitting for your unique spirit in all moments!! Don't deny yourSELF LOVE… Continue reading Love YourSELF ♥

Expanding Consciousness

Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light

On an unseen vibration of infinite potential, lies an ever-flowing river of Truth and Knowledge!! This energetic river of encoded Light is often referred to as The Akashic Records. It exists beyond the frequency of space and time, and holds information that can assist us in understanding the great tapestry of Life!!  As all experience… Continue reading Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light

Channeled Messages

Shifting Belief Systems

Every bit of the personal world we now know today…has been woven together in its unique way…by the countless choices we make each day.   Each thought, action, and reaction creates an experience…and that single experience weaves together to create our reality If we would like to shift or transform that reality in any way…we must begin… Continue reading Shifting Belief Systems

Affirmations and Invocations


Dear Spirit......I Passionately Fly Freely and Effortlessly Into The Realms of Undeniable Infinite Potential Today!!   I Confidently KNOW What It Is That I Most Wish To Energize, Participate In, Create and Birth. My Heart Soars Into WHOLENESS Within MySelf....Accepting all BLESSINGS That Can Be. Only TRUTH ~ BEAUTY ~ and AWARENESS Blossoms Radiantly Within Me.… Continue reading Wholeness

Mystical Musings

Life Happens!!

Life and all of its many unexpected twists, turns, surprises and nuances....will continue to flow into and through your life daily...regardless of how at-Peace and centered you become in your own sense of Self. The centeredness does not come because all of Life suddenly aligns in absolute harmony with all that aligns with your particular… Continue reading Life Happens!!