Mystical Musings

Receptive Mode: On

All life moves through in cycles that honor every nuance of 'up and down', 'new and old', and 'to and fro'. We watch the ocean waves move in and out, the sun rise and set, and our breath continuously move in a pattern of intake of release. All nature is guided to move powerfully through… Continue reading Receptive Mode: On

Affirmations and Invocations

Love YourSELF ♥

Are you still looking outside of yourSelf for guidance and support?? Are you subconsciously elevating the confident voices and opinions of others before your own?? Stand AWARE of the wise and brilliant Force you are!!! Only YOU can discern what is best, natural, and fitting for your unique spirit in all moments!! Don't deny yourSELF LOVE… Continue reading Love YourSELF ♥

Affirmations and Invocations


Dear Spirit......I Passionately Fly Freely and Effortlessly Into The Realms of Undeniable Infinite Potential Today!!   I Confidently KNOW What It Is That I Most Wish To Energize, Participate In, Create and Birth. My Heart Soars Into WHOLENESS Within MySelf....Accepting all BLESSINGS That Can Be. Only TRUTH ~ BEAUTY ~ and AWARENESS Blossoms Radiantly Within Me.… Continue reading Wholeness