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A Mystery Unveiled

Dear Spirit…

May I see a mystery unveiled?? 


Each time you open your heart, mind, awareness to see greater possibilities, you unveil your greater truth. To say you are ‘human’ is a gross misuse of vocabulary.

You are in a human experience. You see from a human perspective and can identify strongly with the human attributes, but you are not human!! You are not what you perceive yourself to be.

Our words are strong to help you see.

Til now, we’ve shared this with you in smaller doses, preparing you for the greatest of all unveilings. But here you are, on a sacred day of evolutionary shift, asking to unveil a great mystery.

And we say…


Through all time your Light has woven in and out of all experiences that would bring benefit to you and your soul’s cause. You have been all things. Freely, you have explored all forms of embodiment and experience. But, when we speak of your sacred truth, we must remind you that you are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, Pure StarLIGHT, and Pure LOVE.


The Nine have called you one of their own. Your Light has touched all creation, and continues to do so. Even now, in this realm of existence.

I want to see it all. I want to know this truth as my own. But tell me, if I am this mighty force of Love, then why does my back still hurt?? Why can I not find my strength?? 

Because, and only because, you currently perceive a limited view of all you are. Across the board, that is your answer.

It is a shift of your perception that will bring you every expansion of consciousness you wish to embrace.

© Alania Starhawk 2013


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