Disempowering “Survival” Mentality

Are you still bearing the “mark” of tragedy, pain, and struggle??

Can you still identify with being the one who was mistreated and misunderstood in your life??

If we still see ourselves as the “survivor” of any small or great injustice in our life, then we are still living in a victim-based mentality.

With the art of self-preservation as a norm in this society, it’s so natural to blame other people and circumstances for our less-than-pristine “vision of self”. But as long as we align with those less-than-pristine visions of self, we anchor ourSelf to all of the traits and characteristics that accompany those perceptions. And sometimes we do so indefinitely.

It’s true.

We hold on to the belief that we are different because of how a person or a circumstance treated us. But that belief hands all the power over to that particular person or circumstance. 

How can we authentically FREE OURSELF from being karmically bound and entwined with those people or circumstances, unless we claim full responsibility for our own choices, truths, and realities??

From one point of view, we were the one treated less-than-respectfully by some agent of fate beyond our control and we were the one who needed to make the best of the experience. We took on the identity of “survivor” and continued to see the rest of our ever-spiraling reality in comparison to that single moment of perceived shame, blame, or injustice.

From another point of view, we can disempower the particular people and circumstances completely. We can recognize ourSelf as the CENTER of our own personal tale of growth and evolution, and look at every person and circumstance as a purposeful agent to offer POTENTIAL GROWTH and change.

What if every single infinitesimal moment in our lives is designed to propel us further into SELF-DISCOVERY and Truth?? If we continuously see ourSelves as the victim of some nonsensical experience, then we miss the opportunity to recognize our own soul’s empowered growth and transformation.

We are all here, in this incarnation, to evolve and grow on a soul level. But how can we easily do that without the agents of change that allow us opportunities to see ourSelves through new eyes and truth?!?!

What if, on a soul level, blessings and beauty can be found in every single infinitessimal moment?? What if all perceptions of shame, blame and injustice are only a DISTRACTION from our brilliant truth??

What if we began to SHINE beyond compromise, not because we portray a pretty ideal of beauty, strength, or power, but because we are TRUE TO OURSELVES as we navigate through every emotion, understanding, and experience?!?!  Through every authentic experience that presents itself, we have the ability to SEE OURSELVES growing, evolving, and moving forward with purpose.

Every blink-of-an-eye moment is designed to move us forward.

All perceptions of being treated less-than respectfully is only illusion. Even these agents are only playing the parts we’ve asked them to play. 

We are always the director of ALL EXPERIENCE in our life.

It’s never about them.

We are always the CENTER of our own reality!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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