Breaking the Binds of a “Soul Contract”

“Soul Contracts” are quite a popular concept in our metaphysical community. But as I listen to more and more bright souls speak of their entangled participations in soul contracts, I realize that they are greatly misunderstood. At least, from my understanding and opinion.

Before we incarnate into this particular lifetime, we DO set intentions for our earth journey. From that higher perspective of insight and knowing, we wisely create paths of opportunity that will support our soul’s experience.

We come to this great big earth-arena to facilitate our own soul’s growth and expansion in some way. Whether we wish to disempower particular false beliefs and bounds of limitation, to elevate our soul’s consciousness, to bring healing and forgiveness to ancient patterns of victimization, or to serve the bright collective, we create intentions for this particular journey.

From the highest point of awareness, before we incarnate, we recognize that certain people, places, and experiences will support our journey at different times. So, we wisely pre-arrange various situations, relationships, and conditions to support our soul throughout our lifetime.

This is what some people regard as a “Soul Contract”. 

I place the words “Soul Contract” in quotations because it is all an assumed perception. Our soul can NEVER be under “contract”!!! It is in opposition to our fundamental truth and nature.

We are sovereign BEings of Light!!

No-thing can ever trump our Free-will.

We are infinite in all moments, and can never be authentically bound by a contract of any sort. Life is always in motion, and we direct the path of experience. Always.

It’s important for me to clarify this, because I witness many handing over their PERSONAL POWER to the belief that their current predicaments are pre-ordained from above.

We are always responsible for every itty bitty choice and experience. We are bound by no outside force of influence. We are the creators of our MANIFEST journey.

But, with awareness, from a heightened state of consciousness in our physical form, we can see that countless situations, relationships, and conditions are here to support, inspire, push us forward, and guide us through.

We did most powerfully set many of these OPPORTUNITIES in motion before we incarnated. But, in original form, they are only potential situations, relationships, and conditions!! They never become manifest upon our path, until we embrace them, align with them, or choose them.

That means that there will always be NEW experiences to support our evolving soul, and no single “soul contract” is meant to bind us in any way!! All people, places, and experiences serve a momentary purpose.

We always have free-will.

And, for even deeper clarification, let me remind you that all soul relationships are always symbiotic. All souls will always benefit from the experience, at some level. But once one soul has outgrown the experience, it will become increasingly more uncomfortable to participate in that relationship, in its current form.

You are never bound and entwined with another soul simply because they played a vital role in your soul’s growth and expansion at one point in your life. Through that momentary experience, they benefited and grew as well.  

There will always be an appropriate time to unite with each precious soul, and an appropriate time to walk independently. We are never bound to another, no matter how much we may love and care for them.

Make choices that compliment YOUR soul’s growth and expansion!!

That’s what you are here for.

No-thing else can possibly govern your way.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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