Spirit Teachings

Wake Up!!

Dear Spirit... Do you have any words of wisdom to offer and share??  There's a change taking place deep within your being. The formidable world, and its once-accepted structure, is breaking down at a core level. All that once had meaning and purpose for you, has lost that measure of importance. You're recognizing the disconnect,… Continue reading Wake Up!!

Spirit Teachings

The Power of Prayer

Layered with our own cognitive world of being, lies another true and relative reality. It appears the same, if looked at from a purely physical perspective. But it exists upon a non-physical realm of being. In this veiled, yet co-existing realm, only the power of our thoughts and prayers create impact. Let me say that again.… Continue reading The Power of Prayer

Spirit Teachings

The Impermanence of All Things

We each have a deeply seeded belief that to "let go" is to lose. Who ever initiated that thought, teaching, and belief??    It's not a very divine perspective. ♥ For our divinity reminds us that we are INFINITE in our experience ~ our potential ~ and our BEing!! There are NO BOUNDARIES placed on our… Continue reading The Impermanence of All Things

Spirit Teachings

“You Are Light” ~ a loving message from the spirit realms

Dear Spirit ~ With deep faith-full breaths...I call on you!!   Please share a message of Love. You're vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful!! In your deepest sense of loss...we see only the FIRE ~ the spark in you ~ that will always overcome and remind you, in ever greater and grander ways, of… Continue reading “You Are Light” ~ a loving message from the spirit realms

Spirit Teachings

A Mystery Unveiled

Dear Spirit… May I see a mystery unveiled??  YOU ARE A MYSTERY UNVEILED!!   Each time you open your heart, mind, awareness to see greater possibilities, you unveil your greater truth. To say you are 'human' is a gross misuse of vocabulary. You are in a human experience. You see from a human perspective and can… Continue reading A Mystery Unveiled

Spirit Teachings

The Door Is Open!!

Dear Spirit... Can you please share a Message of Love with me?? The door is open!! What is coming to you is beyond that which you can dream of. This love that soars through you now, is only a seed of what will very soon be your very authentic reality. You have opened great doorways… Continue reading The Door Is Open!!

Spirit Teachings

Living An Extraordinary Life

Can it be done?? Can we each hold a vision of the extraordinary life we wish to know and achieve that beautiful vision for ourselves?? After all, our individual visions of what is "extraordinary" will surely differ from one soul to the next. So, is it possible to hold a clear vision of what is… Continue reading Living An Extraordinary Life

Channeled Messages

Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Dear Spirit ~ how do you work with us today?? By encouraging you each to remember who you are. We are awaken your divine heritage, so that you may once again pick up your torch and be the bearer. Bearer of what?? Divine Prophecy!!   The prophecy that speaks of ancient elders walking this earth… Continue reading Bearers of Divine Prophecy

Affirmations and Invocations

“I AM” Affirmation

On this radiant morning, filled with potential and possibility, I claim my personal POWER and affirm my greatest Truth. Simply said: I Am ALL Things. I Create ~ I Heal ~ I Love ~ I Bless ~ I Believe ~ I Shift ~ I Dance ~ to the Magical Sound of LIFE Itself. I AM… Continue reading “I AM” Affirmation

Spirit Teachings


A precious message from spirit: Your vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful. In your deepest sense of loss, we see only the fire and the spark, that will always overcome and remind you in ever greater and grander ways of the BEAUTY that you ARE. The mysteries only begin to unfold around you now.… Continue reading You Are LIGHT