Mystical Musings

Creating A Pristine “Seat” of Power

Can we assume that we have the right to direct another's journey........if our own backyard is filled with the skeletons of indifference and carelessness?? If the power we wished to wield were directed through a compromised point of power......would the pure potential held within that power still be pure?? No matter the integrity of our… Continue reading Creating A Pristine “Seat” of Power

Mystical Musings

Honoring All Unique Expressions…Without Judgment

How can we know the flavors of life if we don't allow ourselves discernment and choice in each moment?? If sublimely blackened swordfish were mixed with jelly beans, fried eggs, meat sauce, and pork dumplings on any single plate...would we know the JOY of any one delicacy?? To say that I choose onion rings today....does… Continue reading Honoring All Unique Expressions…Without Judgment

Mystical Musings

“See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Beyond the words, the speech, the's time to begin seeing PEACE flow like a river between you and me!! It's time to begin seeing PEACE as a perpetual energy in motion...with the power to heal, to transform, to transmute, and to create. See no man standing in opposition to this force.    See all… Continue reading “See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Mystical Musings

May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Just a few moments son's grumpy early morning voice said "I don't want an english muffin".    I responded by saying "No grumpiness please.   It's Peace Day."     He instantly replied "I thought it was Peace Day yesterday."   And I proudly and joyfully expressed "Yes.   We're now making it Peace… Continue reading May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Mystical Musings

Myths…As A Tale of Human Nature

Each myth, tale and legend throughout time speaks of Intricate and Ever-expressive Man. Arjuna represents the faithfully seeking disciple within...and Krishna represents the eternal and internal wisdom of  our own Perfect and Aware Higher Self!!   The Bhagavad Gita can be viewed as a blueprint for human evolution...if we expand our perceptions of all it… Continue reading Myths…As A Tale of Human Nature

Mystical Musings

Enlightenment Is For Everyone!!

Years ago (I will admit)...I felt inclined to keep certain high-vibrational teachings a bit order to honor them with integrity and sincerity. Well...that lasted for only a blink and a half...or two. (((Smile))) Spirit made it very clear to me that: "Truth should never be hidden...only shared in Love!!" They informed me that Divine… Continue reading Enlightenment Is For Everyone!!

Mystical Musings

“Where God Lives”

I remember church being a beautiful experience when I was younger.    I remember feeling privileged to be "where God lives". As an adult...I seldom attended mass regularly.    I firmly believed that God saw me and loved matter where I was!!    I spoke to him daily (with candid heart-felt authenticity) and trusted… Continue reading “Where God Lives”

Spirit Teachings

The Power of Prayer

Layered with our own cognitive world of being, lies another true and relative reality. It appears the same, if looked at from a purely physical perspective. But it exists upon a non-physical realm of being. In this veiled, yet co-existing realm, only the power of our thoughts and prayers create impact. Let me say that again.… Continue reading The Power of Prayer

Spirit Teachings

A Prayer of Oneness

May I know only Love at all vibrations of being. May I recognize and HONOR the beauty of each person's radiant Spirit. May I be a teacher of compassion, a wayshower of forgiveness, and a bringer of loving acceptance on this earth. May I always recognize the blessings, beauty, and love that surround me. May… Continue reading A Prayer of Oneness

Channeled Messages

The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter

It was the sweet sound of compassionate laughter, from my own sacred heart, that allowed me to shift awareness. In the midst of my own mental marathon of mounting expectations and self-imposed drudgery, I allowed the laughter of my soul to guide me home, to the greater truth that is. This is the emPowering message… Continue reading The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter