Channeled Messages

Keepers of the Eternal Flame

A message of Love and enLightenment – channeled from Divine Source:

Brothers and Sisters of the Light, you are. With unique tales to tell and precious gifts to share. Your hearts reach out to unite upon higher planes of consciousness, even now. For each of you hold a noble intent to be a Keeper of the Eternal Flame, restoring the balance of God’s Divine Light with all that is earthly and with ‘form’ in the night.

Night??  Can you explain??.

This is a time of great reBirth, awakening memories of all that has been. But to envision the empowered soul walking freely, compared to those appearing lost and confused, will easily explain what we speak of now. Our souls are upon journeys of self-discovery and enLightenment.

These journeys are bravely encountered within our own chasms of emotional and spiritual being. They are personal and intimate for each of us, uniquely.

They push us through moments of feigned loss and separation. They guide us through shadows and darkness of perception.

Although Truth and Light are always ours to embrace, we experience the shadows of deep forgetfulness. This state of disempowerment can be perceived as the ‘dark night of the soul’.

It speaks of a time without knowing, of searching and seeking. A time where the knowledge we always hold within, is cloaked with the illusion that we are nothing at all, but skin and bones, and indebted to another.

In these times of great darkness, those searching for greater truth, will be drawn to the Light. To the acceptance, the comfort, and the peace felt within.  

The energy we hold, when representing the grace of God’s Divine Light, will touch deep within those who are ready to remember again. Your authentic Love will be the key for their own journey to begin.

Your words will only be company to them on their path. For it is their own precious prayers that will shape their own way.  

Custom Designed Realities are what we now unveil.  

The ability to embrace and create a unique experience that serves only your precious light.

And as your journey takes on greater truth, clarity, and meaning for you, so the seeking dissipates and the LIGHT OF LOVE is all that’s displayed.

The night then becomes the dawn of a brand new day.

Each radiant soul stands in their own unique space. Some still feeling the night’s embrace, unsure of the approaching sun. And some bravely stepping into the new dawn, accepting it’s brilliant truth as their own.

The memories of being more than you see, will arise from within. And with it comes wisdom and knowledge, of a far greater time and age.

For you are the seeds of that ancient race.

It’s time to reclaim your sacred mastery.

Return to the vaults of treasured knowledge – to SEE that you are the Light of embodied divinity.

Life will carry you forward, to accept this understanding with confidence and grace, until the eve of this new day comes full circle again, and you become the Gods that will lead a new day.

You will become the Light in the night – that once again approaches. You will be the sanctuary for souls without hope.

All comes full circle, again and again.

Into embodiment and then into forgetfulness. One sacred experience no greater than the other. Each serving a profound purpose and supporting the whole. 

We accept ourSelves as young and innocent children of Light, awakening to our eternal glory. But Gods, in pure form, we most certainly are.

As we are.
Now and always.

We are the Keepers of this Eternal Flame.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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    1. Oh Pamela..I know that you are part of that radiant circle we stand in!! You ARE a beautiful beacon of God’s Divine Grace!! Thank YOU!! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!!

  1. Awaken and be enlightened… Let the love you are gifted be gifted to all… Love to you all…

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