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LOVE Is The Energy Source That Puts It All In Motion

A few moments before I went to sleep last night, my 9-year-old son came in to aske me “Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??”. I told him “Why wait for a shooting star?? Begin BELIEVE-ing that you have them, for them to be real!!”

The answer flowed effortlessly through me. It wasn’t work. By teaching our children that ANY-thing is possible, we open their minds and spirits to that which is yet to even be conceived!! We begin to shatter all indoctrinated limitation and live beyond all bounds of constraint.

As a sweet continuation of this teaching, my dreams were filled with incredible (and I mean INCREDIBLE) visions of a boundless world of BEing. Spirit powerfully reminded me that we are ALL capable of being One with all Divine Source, all Divine Light.

In my dream state, I saw a world where crops were planted, grown, and harvested with only my thoughts and focused energy. I saw a world where my clear intentions commanded vehicles to move and all to respond to my personal energy. The physical world was no longer a limitation, but an EXPERIMENT of what is possible!! I saw mySelf heal others in just the blink of an eye, and communicate long distance with no more than a conscious thought.

I looked around and realized that WE (as authentic BEings of Light) are the greatest form of advanced technology, when we tap into our fullest potential.

The world was alive, and IN MOTION with me.

Until, in an instantaneous moment, my entire landscape shifted because that same awesome power and potential was now in the hands of those who did not honor the Gift. And that which was just so beautiful, appeared to be our downfall and our greatest weapon.

We (as a human collective) are currently  only a shadow of who we intrinsically are and can be. And yet, we can not be any more (as a human collective) unless we shift to our HEART-center!! We can not advance as a race, unless we give up the need for power and control of another.

This includes our innocent desires to change, fix, and battle against the choices of another. To hold PEACE within and throughout our own experience, we must release from believing that another’s choice for their journey, is not perfect and pristine.

They can easily create their paradigm of struggle, conflict, self-preservation, and insecurity. But WE can only be part of their paradigm if we choose to be.

Self-preservation and great PERSONAL POWER can not co-exist.

If we are defensive and protective, we feed the false understanding of what power is and can be. True personal power can not be tainted or lost. It is not given to us by another. It is found, deep within. It is pristine. It is pure. Only our confidence in this truth can DISempower all false expression of BEing (first personally, then collectively).

The path of imposed ‘power’ will entangle all in it’s delusionary ways. Don’t feed the belief that POWER can be found, attained, or gifted to you by another. You already ARE the power you seek, once you trust in your own sovereign authority. Stand strong in your own truth!! Be your own force of emPowered BEing.

Awareness, is the most direct way through this shadowed experience. Beyond compromise, choose your thoughts, your reactions, your efforts, and your intentions. Be the creator of your reality, instead of the participant in another’s. Remain HEART-centered.

If we are motivated by self-preservation, we will always remain limited in our own potential.

Love is the energy source that puts all in motion!!

The first step is to FEEL the Love building as a natural force within you. Then, you may BE THE LIGHT that transforms all you touch. But it must first be PURE, to affect the shift outwardly. To seed a new paradigm, your foundation of TRUTH must be solid and focused.


Without expectation.

Your Love will begin to disarm those in defense, and in offense. Your Love will remind them of what can authentically be.

Love is real. It is innately power-filled. It is enough. It is you!!

But, please remember this. If they are not in their HEART-center, they can not move through the spaces and places you move through. Don’t judge. LOVE. Eventually, this uncompromising LOVE will heal all of humanity.

And until then, our LOVE will be the seeds of what can be.

It’s enough.

Truth, freedom, and love are moving us into a NEW EARTH PARADIGM of infinite potential!!! We can’t ask others to join us before they are ready. It won’t work.

Focus upon yourSelf, and that which you wish to know. All else will find balance and harmony in perfect divine time. Each time WE (you and I) choose Love, we offset the fear, doubt, and pain of others, collectively.

By honoring our own truth, we’re shifting all of humanity. It’s just not always easy to see. 

Let us choose our PERSONAL REALITY……and let all others do the same.

It’s part of the intelligent design.

Our only responsibility is to ourSelf.

© Alania Starhawk 2013


5 thoughts on “LOVE Is The Energy Source That Puts It All In Motion”

  1. Good Meet! You stopped by my blog the other day to “like” a post…and I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You! I look forward to reading your blog too. Inspiring! I also welcome you to my post today “Unconditional Love Day”…stop by and share! May your day bring you Many Blessings!


    1. How beautiful to hear your words!! Thank you for radiating Unconditional Love today…and all days!! 🙂 I look forward to visiting your site again!!


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