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Love as an Energy Source

My 9-year-old son innocently asked me “Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??” I encouraged him to begin believing in his super powers right now. He doesn’t need a shooting star to make extraordinary things happen.

By teaching our children that anything is possible, we open their minds to the seemingly inconceivable. We gently shatter all indoctrinated limitation so that they might choose to live beyond all bounds of constraint. 

That sweet conversation is what opened the door to a phenomenal dream teaching last night.

In my dream state, I saw a world where crops were planted, grown, and harvested with only my thoughts and focused energy. I saw a world where my clear intentions commanded vehicles to move and all to respond to my personal energy. The physical world was no longer a limitation – but an EXPERIMENT of what can be.

All communication was telepathic, regardless of distance. All was connected and moving in harmony.

I looked around and realized that WE – as authentic Beings of Light – are the greatest form of advanced technology. Our fullest potential is yet to be imagined.

In this dream, the world was alive and in motion with me.

Until, in an instantaneous moment, my entire landscape shifted because that same awesome power and potential was now in the hands of those who did not honor the “gift”. And that which was just so beautiful, appeared to be our downfall and our greatest weapon.

We – as a human collective – are currently only a shadow of who we intrinsically are and can be. And yet, we can not be any more – as a human collective – unless we shift to our Heart space.

We can not advance as a race, unless we give up the need for power and control of another.

This includes our innocent desires to change, fix, and battle against the choices of another. To hold peace within own experience, we must release from believing that another’s choice, for their own journey, is not perfect and pristine.

They can easily create every nuance of struggle, conflict, and self-preservation that supports their journey. But we can only be part of their experience if we choose to be.

Self-preservation and true personal power can not co-exist.

If we are defensive and protective, we feed a false sense of power and security.

True personal power is immutable, because only we hold authority over over our own experience. No true “power” can be granted to us or taken away by another.

It is always found deep within ourselves. We already are the power we seek.

Only confident self-acceptance can disempower all false perceptions.

The moment that we “assume” power over another, we create a false perception of truth that entangles us in the defensive energies that inspired that assumption. We become corrupted by the false-truth that we created.

From that state of confusion, only clear self-empowerment will remind us of the greater truth.

We are our own sovereign authority, creating challenge or peace, as we choose.

The same truth can be viewed from a perception of victimhood. All perception of insecurity and lack is false and “assumed”. No external force can ever hold authority over our personal experience. 

We are our own sovereign authority, creating challenge or peace, as we choose.

In the first part of my dream – LOVE – was the energy that put all in motion. 

Love was the only source of power, used respectfully to contribute to the beauty of all Life.

We hold that same power within ourselves now. But we must learn to use it with the purest of intentions, to create LIFE in bountiful ways.  


It’s all possible, when we believe.

© Alania Starhawk 2013


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  1. Good Meet! You stopped by my blog the other day to “like” a post…and I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You! I look forward to reading your blog too. Inspiring! I also welcome you to my post today “Unconditional Love Day”…stop by and share! May your day bring you Many Blessings!

    1. How beautiful to hear your words!! Thank you for radiating Unconditional Love today…and all days!! 🙂 I look forward to visiting your site again!!

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