Spirit Teachings

Altering Our Destiny

Shall I share my dream with you??

We were in a hopeless battle of survival. The oppressor, hidden in shadows, seemingly had complete control over us. They commanded fear in every citizen and rooted out those who would oppose them.

There are two power players in this dream. One was a strong 30 to 40 year-old man, weathered from his prior experiences. The strength he held was great, but his weariness made him believe otherwise. He was in a battle within himself.

He was told by many with authority, including his father, that he was destined to live a dark life, acting in violence and being feared by the masses. But his soul was gentle and wished only to live his own life in peace.    

Those with authority proved their point as being true because of the “mark” he bears.

A thick black line extended from the tip of his right hand and continued over his right arm, shoulder, head, and then down the left side to complete itself at the tip of his left hand. This was a sure sign of his dark side, he was told.

His story culminated at the point where the oppressors had threatened him to follow through with a dark act that would seal his fate.

The war raged within him, til he refused to act in contrast to his own instincts. Feeling guilt for the choice of actually following his own voice, he ran away to a neutral space outside of town.

I’ll complete his story in a moment. But first, let me introduce the next power player.

She is just a small 5-foot-nothing spark of innocent light. It feels as though she’s just coming of age, but holds a world of wisdom within.

Her scenario begins in a large public forum where every citizen is present. Everyone has united because a few young people were being accused of treachery.

The entire proceeding was designed to evoke fear in all those who witnessed the show. This young woman had been chosen to speak on behalf of those accused. I could sense that what she “should say” was all laid out in her mind. She had intentions of speaking about their innocence and their spark of divine light that is so evident.

But then she saw how the inspirational speech would come to a close. She was able to see that no matter how perfect her words were, the judgement would be the same.

She, the accused, and every citizen present, were all puppets accepting the fate of hopelessness.

In a blindingly quick moment, she refused to participate!!  

She knew that she could not affect change by playing the game. So she withdrew her energy and also ran to a neutral space outside of town.

That is where she met the strong man who had also followed his instincts as well. Without words they stood in front of each other, understanding.

From some raw point within his soul, that brave man broke the silence and said “But, I don’t understand. I have been marked.”

And as he looked down at his “mark”, it was no longer there.

He altered his destiny!! He re-defined his truth.

No longer was he a puppet to any voice other than his own. And she too, found that spark of realization within her own being. They had both freed themselves from overwhelming odds. They became the victors of their own fateful tale.

And this is where the dream ends. Once the message is received, all is complete.

But as I play through it all now, I wonder what would happen to those still in the forum under the oppressors control.

Spirit laughs and says:

It is for each soul to decide for themselves. Only they can know what they choose to participate in.

Yes!! This is so true.

A great reminder to us all.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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