Mystical Musings

Lord Agni, Be My Guardian

This has been one hell of a tough battle with old emotions and shadows!! I conquer each fleeting moment of doubt and insecurity, and come through them shiny bright, only to be woken in the middle of the night with more shadowy demons to battle and fight. So... Dear Universal Energies That Be, I ask… Continue reading Lord Agni, Be My Guardian

Spirit Teachings

To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

I Call TO Me ~ The Perfect Soul ~ Who Recognizes ME Who Awakens LOVE In Me ~ At Depths Full and Clear Who Activates My Energy To Be Fully AWAKE ~ ALIVE ~ and PRESENT In Each Moment Who Sees Me Who Loves Me Who Honors Me AS I AM ♥ Who Helps Me To… Continue reading To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

Spirit Teachings

Altering Our Destiny

Shall I share my dream with you?? We were in a hopeless battle of survival. The oppressor, hidden in shadows, seemingly had complete control over us. They commanded fear in every citizen and rooted out those who would oppose them. There are two power players in this dream. One was a strong 30 to 40… Continue reading Altering Our Destiny