Channeled Messages

Egoic Whispers

The human psyche is such a marvelous creation. I can be so ecstatically focused upon all of my wondrous goals and endeavors, and then I can be so easily distracted by the tiniest of nonsensical disturbances. I hold a clear knowing that I am infinitely supported and loved, and then I find myself entertaining the… Continue reading Egoic Whispers


Fatherly Figures and Expectations

I so admire the beautiful souls who have bright memories of their Dad. It amazes me that a true father can be warm, understanding, and supportive. I don't have a single memory of my father "nurturing" me. Dad was a complicated man. There were moments and spaces where he was in his joy, and then… Continue reading Fatherly Figures and Expectations

Spirit Teachings

Decoding the Mystery of “Hell”

My natural tendencies are to stay clear of darker subject matter, unless I sense that my words or insight may bring healing and shift awareness in some way. And since I have been gifted with an elevated understanding of all we refer to as ‘Hell’...I am choosing to bring the mystery of judgment, punishment and… Continue reading Decoding the Mystery of “Hell”

Expanding Consciousness

The Privilege of BEing a Spiritual Mentor

I was always so incredibly uncomfortable when another innocent soul wished to emulate me in my younger years.   I didn't consciously place myself upon any pedestal...or ask for any of the attention that was sometimes granted.   I enjoyed my solitude and unique way of seeing the world.   There was a great big… Continue reading The Privilege of BEing a Spiritual Mentor

Expanding Consciousness, Oneness

Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

I was staring into the Heart of a great big Grandfather Oak tree when the sweet message of Ever-expanding Growth flowed to me.     I began to genuinely appreciate the impressive size of each supporting branch...and the immeasurable number of individual leaves.   All unique aspects of this amazing tree took TIME to grow,… Continue reading Subtle Growth Brings Great Change

Mystical Musings

Silent Reflection

My heart soars into countless journeys that often bring playful adventure, joyful laughter, and soulful comraderie.   But.......this heart yearns for the precious gift of Silent Reflection!! Just a few moments ago...a magically perfect full moon began to rise above the northern foothills of Maine and reflect upon the glass-like waters of Rangeley Lake.… Continue reading Silent Reflection

Mystical Musings

“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!!   The "Pain" is not real. If you feel that you've endured...then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control. However....if you believe that you have experienced in Perfect Divine Love...all that was for your best and highest good...............then… Continue reading “Pain” Is An Illusion

Mystical Musings

Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

How often do we sit in lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities?? As we move through life.....we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And.....if we don't pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were… Continue reading Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

Spirit Teachings

Karmic reBalancing

Can you recognize that every past thought, action, and belief cooperatively CREATE the ever-fabulous YOU!?!? It's true!!    Each past response and experience leads to the KARMIC PATTERN that is in place for you now. But.......what if your understanding of Forgiveness, Compassion, or Self-Empowerment (to name a few) has shifted since the last moment you… Continue reading Karmic reBalancing

Channeled Messages

A Time Of Truth

One day while at the park a beautiful door of Light opened directly in front of me...and this beautiful soul came through and sat directly across from me.   This is the message he shared. From Beyond The Veils Of Linear Time I Come To Speak and Tell You That It Is Not So Long Before… Continue reading A Time Of Truth