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Karmic reBalancing

Can you recognize that every past thought, action, and belief cooperatively CREATE the ever-fabulous You!?!?

It’s true!! Each past response and experience leads to the KARMIC PATTERN that is in place for you now.

But…….what if your understanding of Forgiveness, Compassion, or Self-Empowerment (to name a few) has shifted since the last moment you personally danced with those energies on an intimate level?? Would you now respond to past challenges in a more heart-centered way??

If one of your personal prayers is to heal old wounds, bring clarity to past disharmony, or expand your awareness on any level, you will most certainly be offered an opportunity to reBalance the Karmic Pattern that is currently in place for you.

Having the new knowledge, understanding, or wisdom is not enough to shift and alter our Karmic Patterning at a core foundational level. Our Karmic Energy can only SHIFT to a higher frequency when we are brave enough to put that new knowledge, understanding, or wisdom in real-world action.

If we found ourselves a bit less than compassionate at some past point in time, an opportunity to reBalance that energetic flow can present itself in NEW experiences!!

We need not draw the same soul partnerships into action, in order to reBalance our Karmic response. There are countless souls upon this earth who can easily trigger our past emotional insecurities. (((Smile)))

So…………..will you now be strong enough to put higher knowing into action when you’re in the midst of emotional trauma?? Will you now be wise enough to show the universe that you are no longer who you once were??

Each day we are being offered opportunities to SHIFT the threads of past Karmic Patterning that draw universal experiences and possibilities to us. If we prove that our old Karmic Pattern no longer represents who we are, currently, a new Pattern that better represents our CURRENT TRUTH will birth itself…….and will naturally HEAL all past disharmonies!!

For example, I have often felt great disappointment in my life when I sensed that another could not SEE who I am and wished for me to conform to their meaningless  viewpoints of reality. In the past, I have come through that feeling imprisoned, alone, and all-fired-up emotionally.

This week, these emotions were triggered by two separate, new and impersonal individuals that were not even aware of their impact on me. I knew that my emotions were irrational, so I traced them back to their source. What was I feeling?? Why were these sensations so familiar?? Can I look through the appearance of less-than-supportive energy, to sense greater truth??

My prayers for greater understanding were finally answered last night. In dream vision I saw that the moment we are offered the elevated vision, knowing, and wisdom to bring heightened clarity, we are placed BACK into that experience of perceived challenge, so that we might reBalance and shift the energy that was once programmed there.

If the programmed patterning that we hold within was created on the physical realm, it must be reBalanced and reProgrammed on the physical realm!!

But, once we free ourSelves from the old limiting energies authenticallywe truly are FREE from them completely.

That’s why we are sometimes offered more than one opportunity to respond to old challenges and patterning. If we don’t completely free ourSelves from the old limiting thoughts, we’ll be offered more chances to reBalance them authentically.

This great big world is always working for us!! Even when we can’t see from the highest perspective, energy is in motion to fully support our greater journey.

Blessings to each of you, as you bravely reBalance anew.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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