Spirit Teachings

The Lion in Me

Today, I sit in the Lion's Gate. It's a time of sacred power and star alignment. But, it's so much more for me. It reminds me of who I am.  Nearly 15 years ago, I had my first Lion experience, in dream state. I walked through my childhood home in Long Island, NY, and stepped… Continue reading The Lion in Me


The Feelings Are Real

We've been taught to make all of our raw and authentic feelings appears as gentle, kind, and pretty upon the surface. Even when no one is around to see them, we often deny them, push them to the side, or even blame them on another. As a society, we are not comfortable with feelings. But feelings… Continue reading The Feelings Are Real

Expanding Consciousness

Warriors of Light

"It is no great feat to be Light in the midst of only Light."  ~ Divine Spirit We, as the Warriors of Light, have been preparing for this exact moment!! We are stepping into an epic age of transformation and evolution. Our apparent foundations of support and orderly structure are being prodded and pushed to… Continue reading Warriors of Light

Mystical Musings

Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

We often have an ever-growing list of tasks, obligations, and social commitments calling to us.     But what if we were Brave enough (yes, it takes bravery) to LIVE for ourSelf each day!?!? I'm not promoting any selfish tendencies here.    But I am reconsidering what being "selfish" truly means.    We have accepted… Continue reading Reconsidering What Being “Selfish” Truly Means

Spirit Teachings

Karmic reBalancing

Can you recognize that every past thought, action, and belief cooperatively CREATE the ever-fabulous YOU!?!? It's true!!    Each past response and experience leads to the KARMIC PATTERN that is in place for you now. But.......what if your understanding of Forgiveness, Compassion, or Self-Empowerment (to name a few) has shifted since the last moment you… Continue reading Karmic reBalancing

Spirit Teachings

“Stay Centered in SELF”

All of my messages have a single theme over these last few days. "Stay centered in SELF!!" All other paths will redirect your precious and valuable energy away from that which is your journey...and lead you to believe that there is something to covet, hold on to, or protect. That's a pretty powerful statement...and it… Continue reading “Stay Centered in SELF”

Mystical Musings

“See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Beyond the words, the speech, the action...it's time to begin seeing PEACE flow like a river between you and me!! It's time to begin seeing PEACE as a perpetual energy in motion...with the power to heal, to transform, to transmute, and to create. See no man standing in opposition to this force.    See all… Continue reading “See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Mystical Musings

Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts

Sidenote: This article was originally written and posted in 2011. I am no longer in that same point of fire, but I know many who are. This is for their precious and amazing souls. My dreams last night were once again filled with intense epic battles to save mankind from manipulative, demonic forces.    Yes...i… Continue reading Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts

Mystical Musings

Divergent…At Heart

Wowwwwww!!   I just finished watching the movie "Divergent" with my son.     I wasn't sure what to expect...because I am truly not a fan of any apocalyptic type storyline.    I run from any fear-based scenarios.    But I am fully AMAZED by how aligned each and every hidden message and teaching is… Continue reading Divergent…At Heart

Mystical Musings

Lord Agni ~ Be My Guardian

I know that each beautiful soul reading this right now believes that I am writing to you directly.    But...I must say...I happen to be writing directly to all universal energies that be.    You...of course...are more than welcome to come along for the ride. ♥ This has been one hell of a tough battle with… Continue reading Lord Agni ~ Be My Guardian