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We Are All Stars Dancing In Our Shadow Selves

In dream state, I recognized that we, the lost or seeking, were gathering for some unseen purpose. As a gift for us, our Native American brothers and sisters began to play music and an informal  circle began to take form.

Woven in to our original group, I witnessed Grandmothers and Elders holding space next to children and innocent ones. There were wise and gentle men too. Great and small, every size and age. They each wore some totem adornments to honor their paths, but they were dressed as you and I. They were not in traditional or ceremonial dress.

They were all there to honor us!!

In the place where each Brother ~ Sister ~ Grandfather ~ Grandmother stood (or sat), a great LIGHT shone on them. Some stood tall in their power, some were comfortably seated on wooden stumps that had now become thrones of wisdom, and some found their place on the warmth of the sun-drenched earth. But wherever they each chose to BE – the Light revealed blooming flowers at their feet.

To match the Pure LIGHT that beamed to them and through them, they each began to radiate that same brilliant Light from within. They each became a luminous embodiment of LOVE.

It was a great honor to witness this. I felt the admiration and respect of every soul present, as they beamed at me. And then, my energy suddenly became very quiet and still, as I looked deeply into a Grandmother’s bright and gentle eyes. She held me safely, in a divine embrace, while I became aware of the subtle voices that were beginning to ignite my soul. Off to the side, and out of my focus, these words were brought to life:

“We Are All Stars Dancing In Our Shadow Selves!!!”

It was as if the secrets of the universe were all wrapped up in those few words. They spun through my soul and awakened depths of LIGHT from within. It was the moment of “Aha!!” that I had been waiting for.

You see, once I received the message in all it’s power and truth, I was awake. Literally, from my dream state, and poetically from the veil of illusion. Every single word was alive and in motion, carrying sacred truth to my soul.

We Are ALL Stars (Brilliant Light Giving Stars) Dancing (All So Playful and Impermanently Exploring The Possibilities) In Our Shadow Selves (A Self of Separation – Not Embracing Our Complete Truth)!!

We are all being given the same opportunity to experience and explore, within this earth journey. Do not judge the life of another simply because they are at a different point on their personal journey than you are. OUR DANCES ARE MUCH LONGER THAN ONE LIFETIME!!  We must allow each soul the freedom to follow their path.

This “dance” of life is about SELF-emPowerment, allowing our souls to bloom and flower at it’s own perfect and radiant rate.

These words taught me to LOVE where each person is. Inspire where we can and lend a hand where we can, but allow each soul the FREEDOM to choose their next step.

After all…..

“We Are ALL Stars Dancing In Our Shadow Selves!!”

© Alania Starhawk 2012

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  1. Alania, Your kind words are so inspirational. Even groups of words I recognize shift their place in my memory and come forward. In gratitude, and dancing in my heart, until my feet can participate, ☺ love and light, Pamela

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