Spirit Teachings

You ARE All That You Wish To Be


Today’s Affirmation:

I AM A Fully Empowered Expression Of Divine Love and Light…and The Infinite Flow Of Prosperity, Joy and Oneness Flow FREE~ly Through Me!!! ♥

This affirmation flowed through me easily and gently as i welcomed Spirit into my life…and asked for guidance and truth.   And in response to this prayer of power….Spirit appeared and shared this Message Of Love!!   I knew instantly that they were speaking to “US” as the radiant children of Light that “WE” are.    No longer was this just about me.    So….open your hearts to see that SPIRIT walks with you…as they walk with me!!   These words are yours…as much as they are mine.   Even now…your Spirit Guides and Angels stand with you…to affirm this Truth!!

Spirit’s Message Of Love In Response To Today’s Affirmation:

You ARE all that you wish to BE!!   It only takes a shift in your perception of who you believe yourself to be…to manifest the change you wish to see!!   There is no expression that lies outside of you.

You ARE all that you wish to be!!   You ARE all that you wish to see in the world!!

We watch you looking so intently for something outside of yourself…and we laugh because you’re currently IN all that you ask for.    You ARE all that you ask for!!   But we can not interrupt your discovery of self….unless asked.    And today….you asked to REMEMBER the highest level of truth….so we say…”YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU ASK FOR!!!”

You ARE Light, Truth, Power, Strength, Love, Compassion, Knowledge, Joy, Wisdom, Expression, Master and Healer Divine!!   You ARE the StarBeing you call out to…and the EarthMother you call to for support!!   You ARE all things…without limitation!!

You ARE All Things!!  ♥

As the words came flowing through…i felt the LOVE fill me and encourage each point of hesitation within to gently surrender to this great TRUTH!!!   We ARE All We Wish To Be!!!   Just believing this Truth…can make the difference!!

Why do some average souls accomplish truly amazing feats??   Because somewhere within…they BELIEVE they can!!   When the motivation appears…all limitations fade away!!!

YOU are your greatest resource!!   Have faith in YOU!!!!

You are all greatly LOVED!!

In Truth and JOY,


4 thoughts on “You ARE All That You Wish To Be”

      1. It’s nice in that it allows us to Center as/before we talk to people. I find it’s easier to check in with Self in this slower form of conversation. Enjoy your BEing!!


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