Spirit Teachings

Shadows and Truth

A divinely channeled message:

You don’t want to stop feeling!! To truly feel is a special gift of this human experience.

The shadowed emotions and perceptions that we process each day are not dark or negative on their own. It is only our interpretations of them that allow them to feel a bit challenging.

“Shadow” is A PERSPECTIVE OF VISION – not an attribute that changes the inherent Truth of any person, object or situation. Shadow is merely the absence of Direct Light.

Think about it….

If you are standing on a sun-drenched beach, dressed in white, loving all that surrounds you, and holding a prayer of PEACE in your heart….

Do you factually change who you ARE because a great big cloud suddenly comes between you and the Direct Light of the Sun??

Can you not see that you ARE just as brilliant as you were two moments ago?? Only the APPEARANCE of your brilliance has faded, not the Truth of it.

As the greatest of all facts…

You ARE Children Of Light – with the brilliance of the Eternal Sun held within. The flame of Christ Consciousness and God Essence flows through YOU in INFINITE MEASURE!!

Never can you be without Light, Clarity, or Truth. But, you can feel as thought you are lost in shadow and without direction. 

This is why it’s important to cultivate a strong sense of inherent Truth within. Confidently know yourSelf, and do not shift this view of Self according to that which appears.

Light, you are.

When we are ready to move beyond all perceptions of shadow and lack, we will invoke the eternal Light of all immutable Truth. Shadows can only be shadowed if we keep them in the dark and hidden recesses of our mind.

Allow your spirit to shine!!

You are Light.
You are Love.

Be Light.
Be Love.

© Alania Starhawk 2012

3 thoughts on “Shadows and Truth”

  1. Wonderful Alania….Very well said indeed….Sounds like you are having all kinds of break- throughs in your life. I will add that a great many people expend massive amounts of effort to try and clear away their shadows when in fact we really must learn to love them as part of who we are and accept them, not necessarily try to rid ourselves of them. They hold a purpose for being there and it is more that we must learn to embrace that side of ourselves rather than try to eliminate it….So glad you are having a wonderful awakening journey. It takes great courage. Go for it and stay in light beam…..Blessings…..VK

    1. Haha…I’m sure that we could talk for hours Visionkeeper!! I can see that we too are SoulSisters!! I’ve discovered some of the most beautiful aspects of myself by going into the shadows…so i for one LOVE the shadow moments!! But…how do we put ALL of our truths and perspectives into a single post??? I guess thats why this Blogging world is also a JOURNEY for me!! I’m blessed by your presence!! Thank YOU!!!

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