Spirit Teachings

Life Unbridled

Today, let us embrace the innate power that we are. Today, let us reMember that we are the masters of our own reality. For we each hold the power to create and reCreate our experiences as often as we'd like. So, why do we so often lose sight of that fact?? Spirit once whispered into… Continue reading Life Unbridled

Affirmations and Invocations

Invocation to Divine Flow

Dear Spirit... My heart soars into the infinite, yearning to welcome all that brings sweet blessing into my life. But with so many choices, options, and opportunities, I am uncertain of which ever-flowing expressions best support my precious journey. I ask you to be my sight. Pierce through the veils of all shallow appearance, to… Continue reading Invocation to Divine Flow


Thoughts Are Powerful Creations

Change your thoughts. Change your reality. It's so simple. Yet, we often forget. We are the creators of our every thought!! No other has actual control over our private dominion of mindful thoughts and reflections. No other can accept responsibility for the menagerie of fantasy or fact that flows through our infinite mind-space. So, consider… Continue reading Thoughts Are Powerful Creations

Expanding Consciousness

Evolution and Expansion

It's the natural order of Life. To take a step forward, one after the other. To imagine a grander experience for ourselves, in some way. With each sacred breath we are reMembering that we would like to embrace more of this and less of that. We are re-evaluating our perceptions of what brings us joy,… Continue reading Evolution and Expansion


Portals of Prosperity TELECONFERENCE

You're invited!!  Join us for our monthly "Portals of Prosperity" teleconference with Alania Starhawk!!  Each teleconference is divinely guided to uplift YOU upon your journey into prosperity consciousness!! Wednesday ~ May 11th ~ 7:30pm EST Wednesday ~ June 8th ~ 7:30pm EST Wednesday ~ July 13th ~ 7:30pm EST Here are the facts: Alania will… Continue reading Portals of Prosperity TELECONFERENCE

Mystical Musings

“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!!   The "Pain" is not real. If you feel that you've endured...then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control. However....if you believe that you have experienced in Perfect Divine Love...all that was for your best and highest good...............then… Continue reading “Pain” Is An Illusion

Channeled Messages

A Channeled Message from Divine Spirit

"You have been wondering how your energy fits in to the world that surrounds you.   We tell you…that your energy creates the world that surrounds you.    No thing outside of yourself defines your experience.    Even a thunderstorm is open to interpretation of its symbolism that day in your life.  All shadowed thoughts have been learned,… Continue reading A Channeled Message from Divine Spirit

Spirit Teachings

Angels of Justice

It's been quite a few years now...since I heard the powerful urging "Call on the Angels of Justice!!" reverberating through my being. The first time was in a moment of challenge and desperation for a dear friend.    She had found herself in a situation that held false blame against her and deep disrespect for… Continue reading Angels of Justice

Channeled Messages

A Time Of Truth

One day while at the park a beautiful door of Light opened directly in front of me...and this beautiful soul came through and sat directly across from me.   This is the message he shared. From Beyond The Veils Of Linear Time I Come To Speak and Tell You That It Is Not So Long Before… Continue reading A Time Of Truth

Channeled Messages

The Grand Design

At several memorable moments through out my life...I could stand in that single moment of BEing...recognizing that all I celebrated in that particular moment was only a feint wish just a short time ago.   At no point previously did i imagine the grandness that would appear.   But...appear it DID in perfect divine time!!… Continue reading The Grand Design