Expanding Consciousness


I see the world as abundant, and every soul as over-flowing in abundance. This is my truth. It allows me to appreciate the gifts and blessings in all moments of extraordinary BEing, without attaching to definitions and expectations. The idea of "abundance" can be unique for each of us. It becomes a reflection of how… Continue reading Abundance

Affirmations and Invocations

Invocation to Divine Flow

Dear Spirit... My heart soars into the infinite, yearning to welcome all that brings sweet blessing into my life. But with so many choices, options, and opportunities, I am uncertain of which ever-flowing expressions best support my precious journey. I ask you to be my sight. Pierce through the veils of all shallow appearance, to… Continue reading Invocation to Divine Flow


The Whispers of “What If?”

The whispers of "What If?" are everywhere!! No matter how positive I strive to remain about the unseen and yet-to-be-determined realities, the whispers of an uncertain world still touch me. But as I am faced with one too many negative whispers of what 'could be' this morning, I am reminded that LIFE, and all of… Continue reading The Whispers of “What If?”

Channeled Messages

Shifting Belief Systems

Every bit of the personal world we now know today…has been woven together in its unique way…by the countless choices we make each day.   Each thought, action, and reaction creates an experience…and that single experience weaves together to create our reality If we would like to shift or transform that reality in any way…we must begin… Continue reading Shifting Belief Systems

Expanding Consciousness

Seeing Beyond The Illusion

Do you also find that you need reminders of the Sacred Teachings that you've already embraced many times in the past?!?!    The fog of forgetfulness (an inherent aspect of our 3-dimensional earth life) can capture our attention whenever we allow it to.    We can easily step into victimhood, limitation, and separation whenever we… Continue reading Seeing Beyond The Illusion


The Source Within…

I do my best each day to walk with Integrity, Love, and Compassion.    I seek the highest perspective in each experience that may appear...and pray for only Blessings to touch each moment that can be. I do this all for mySelf alone...so that I may find Peace and know Love in all ways. Soooooo...you… Continue reading The Source Within…


Faith Is Believing…..

Faith is believing in the unseen without questioning its validity!! Whether you're learning to Trust in the power of your own sacred heart, the love that surrounds you each day, the prosperity that flows to you endlessly, or the untapped potential that lies within................have FAITH that this Life is so much more than you can… Continue reading Faith Is Believing…..


Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

No single Yes or No can be solely responsible for where we find ourselves now!!     Where we are is a reflection of all the choices and decisions we've made along the way.    Each single step has added to the story of our unique and individual journey. If we happen to find ourselves… Continue reading Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

Mystical Musings

Seeing the Brightest “YOU”

Are you ready??   I'm going to let you into my silent thoughts for a moment or two. More than a few times this week....I've felt a pang of disappointment in myself because I wasn't able to show more kindness or compassion to those who appeared a bit lost or alone within themselves.    … Continue reading Seeing the Brightest “YOU”

Mystical Musings

Imagine…An Open and Receptive World

This morning I lay in bed...feeling the "call" of this Open and Receptive world of possibility!!!     I feel my day actually calling out to me.    But it's not the "day" I planned with actions and obligations...that I hear.      It's the ENERGY of this day that shall support me in all… Continue reading Imagine…An Open and Receptive World