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I see the world as abundant, and every soul as over-flowing in abundance. This is my truth. It allows me to appreciate the gifts and blessings in all moments of extraordinary BEing, without attaching to definitions and expectations.

The idea of “abundance” can be unique for each of us. It becomes a reflection of how we see our Selves, and our Self-worth. It takes on the energy that we give it.

If we see our abundance as constricted and lacking, we will see constriction and lack in all that we know. If we see gratitude and appreciation for all that generously flows, we will be in awe of all that continues to birth itself.

I speak of the abundance of Life, and all that can be. It’s energy!! In pure primal form, it’s energy. 

Energy comes to us in love, in kindness, in action, in thought, and in material exchange. All expressions of sacred offering represent generosity of HEART and Spirit, whether we recognize it or not.

Each time we abundantly SHARE our gift with another, we welcome increased abundance in return. There is a spiraling effect that takes place. Our loving generosity radiates outwardly, impacting all Universal Source positively, and then boomerangs back to us, newly expanded by all that we birthed into BEing, through our generosity.

This is the subtle art of Energy Exchange.

Abundance is more than a physical measurement. It is a Conscious State of BEing, that shapes all we intimately know. 

Our abundance is never limited by the actions and choices of a few. Each time we generously gift to all Universal Source, through relationship with someone or something, we receive abundant return of our offering, through relationship with someone or something.

The someones and somethings, that we give to and receive from, need not be the same!! Our truest relationship is with SOURCE, and Source is ever-reSourceful. Everything is possible, through all infinite paths of divine expression. 

Once you step into an abundant mindset, you begin to sense the energy behind each exchange. Sometimes a hug is far more precious than a large offering of money. It all becomes a FORM of exchange that serves as support and purpose in our life.

I do believe that we can ascend to a world that exists beyond money, and all its complexity. But until then, money is a BEAUTIFUL form of exchange!! It allows us to express ourSelves, and to offer appreciation for all that we receive. It opens doors of possibility, and brings us a sense of security and freedom. It’s the form of HEART EXCHANGE we created for this moment in time.

See MONEY as sacred and precious too!! It’s a gift in our lives that eases our experience in this reality. It’s available in ever-abundant flow, to honor and reflect the abundance WE hold within. 

When looked at in its purest form, it’s entirely worthy of being celebrated!! 

And still, “money” is not the gift. It only serves as a current path for the ENERGY of abundance to be present and embodied.

To “have” or “have not” is not key. All forms of “have” are only temporary. 

It’s the ENERGY infused into each form, that connects us to the JOY of a true Abundant Spirit.

For mySelf, I notice that the more energy, love, appreciation, and exchange I am able to gift, the more I am able to joyfully receive. And the more I receive, the more I am able to gift. Once ignited, the Generosity of Spirit flows and reverberates in all directions.

Let go of how your abundant exchange measures up to the abundant exchange of another. If generosity of Heart and Spirit is involved in all you gift, it is a perfect exchange, no matter the offering. 

As an insight, if you’d like to know what it feels like to “receive more” in exchange, practice “giving more” in exchange. If your heart empowers each outpouring of exchange, all that returns to you will carry the same divine frequency.

It all begins within.

Abundance is always yours to know.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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