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The Lion in Me

Today, I sit in the Lion’s Gate. It’s a time of sacred power and star alignment. But, it’s so much more for me. It reminds me of who I am. 

Nearly 15 years ago, I had my first Lion experience, in dream state.

I walked through my childhood home in Long Island, NY, and stepped through the back door to witness two grand trees in the middle of my yard.

The tree to the left was filled with Female Lions and her cubs, while the tree to the right was filled with Male Lions. They were sprawled out in the limbs, appearing ever so comfortable. 

That dream vision struck me with awe and amazement, but I could not see the symbolism yet. It was towards the beginning of my “awakening”, and I was still opening to spiritual experiences that I was not yet able to comprehend.

Shortly afterward, I would have incredible visions while falling asleep, of mySelf morphing into a Lioness. As I lay down, cuddled in the blankets up to my neck, I would begin to see a mirror of my own face before me. In great detail, I saw my own eyes piercing back at me, deeply. My reflection then began to morph, as if holograms would allow my image to shift just a bit with each passing moment. The transformation continued each time, until I gazed into the eyes of the Lioness before me. She was me. I was her. 

This vision repeated itself at least 8 or 9 times over a year.

At this time, I was also going through Mystery School training in my dream state. I was learning to face my fears and to dream lucidly. As a pattern, giant crocodiles and alligators were in my dreams, representing my self-imposed limitations and fears.

During one night of dream teaching, I came through the first path of trials, facing every alligator that appeared with bravery and calm. Before I could step into the next portion of the trial, a majestic Lion appeared.

This Lion had laid itself down between the two realms of experience, and spoke to me with great compassion. He invited me to rest and rejuvenate mySelf in his embrace. So I curled into the warmth of his regal mane, and felt the strength of his body supporting my own. I felt like a child, coming home. 

There were no words or great lesson to receive, accept to know what it felt like to be supported in such a way.

When it’s time for me to come into my power, in a new way, Lion always appears. 

This most recent time, about a year ago, a merging became manifest. Again, all became clear within dream state. I was in the water, near the embankment’s edge, and out came a Lion from the trees. This Lion approached, with eyes deeply connected to my own. His body moved in towards my own, and breathed a breath of sacred empowerment. Our breaths became one, and his body fell into my own. As we arose from the water, after the merging took place, I could not discern which aspect of mySelf was separate from every aspect of his self. We were one!!

I’ve had many years to contemplate what all of this means. I have a clear “knowing” within my Soul, but not a clear understanding. 

The majestic trees filled with lions, was my soul’s Family Tree!! They were showing me my Star Ancestry. This truth was deepened as I was able to see mySelf as the radiant Lioness Goddess embodied. 

I am so much more than I imagine mySelf to be. 

It’s also important to recognize that every Lion encounter is related to Ancient Egypt and the Star Sirius, in some wondrous way. The connection is undeniable. The pyramids and the stars are always clear.

I find it interesting now, to recognize that I boldly stepped into my path as Lightkeeper and Divine Channel on August 8th, 2008. It was the Lion’s Gate, before I ever knew what the Lion’s Gate was. My soul responded to the energy rising within. It’s the energy that has been rising for thousands of years!!

As all comes into Alignment and the Nile rises to celebrate this moment, I stand in awe. Not of what now approaches, but of who I most bravely am. 

This cosmic gateway is an opportunity to reMember our greatest Truth.

I am Timeless. I am starBorn. I am the embodiment of GOLDEN LIGHT and ALCHEMY. I am my own Sovereign and SACRED Authority. I am the Creation of all that is wise and true, and the Creator of all that now unfolds in wonder. I am. I am. I am. 

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this teaching, is that no words have brought me to this point of self-empowerment. Spirit awakened my memories and my senses. I know as a fact, what I can not rationally explain.

Lion, and all his wondrous essence, lives within Me. 

Today I stand in my Power, and celebrate the fullness of all I AM, seen and unseen. I honor all infinite aspects of my Soul.

As a sidenote, I’d like to share one point of interesting wonder, regarding the Sphinx in Egypt. I ask you to pay attention to the size of its body and head. The body is far larger, in proportion to the head!! Almost as if the Sphinx was originally a full leonine figure, and some human hand then sculpted the pharoah’s head into place. Hmmmmm!!! Curious, I’d say. 

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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  1. Amazing synchronicity there, Alania! Of stepping onto your path as Lightkeeper and Divine Channel on August 8th, 2008!

    Happy ten year anniversary!!

    The most gentle, engaging, and brilliant lion 🦁 I know!

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