Channeled Messages

Sole Sister I Am…At Times

A perfect oxymoron.   Is it not??    By its intrinsic nature…being a “sister” reminds me that I am part of an ever-expanding family, community, and tribe…and need never walk alone.    And yet…I find myself basking in the blissful joy of stillness and alone-ness oh so often.

Never am I more complete, lifted, and exhilarated as when I witness several beautiful souls uniting in ONE-ness!!!     I often take a deep “ahhhh” breath each time I see people joyfully gathering…and hearts feeling “at home” in one another’s presence.     The gift of brotherhood and sisterhood is most certainly what inspires my soul to spiral forward in gratitude and wonder!!

And still…I absolutely LOVE my alone time!!

I find myself losing track of all physical-time…while allowing myself to BE lost in my own concept of Self, Life, and Joy!!    Some curiosities become more meaningful to me…and some become more meaningless.

It’s all quite irrational!!    And yet…this “sole” journey is a vital part of my natural being!!   To break myself from this trance-like state of still being…can often be a bit traumatic and painful.    It feels as though I must give one way of being up…for the other.

Well…..I know that that is not so!!    So I call for clarity and understanding!!     Why do I crave this sole-stillness when a great big beautiful and intoxicating world awaits me??    What is it within me…that feeds upon my seclusion??

I sense that this is a deeply embedded belief-system…that can sometimes serve me well…and sometimes hold me back.    Today I call for greater clarity…and welcome all messages of Truth and Understanding!!

Sweet sister…do not see your seclusion as a disconnection from all that supports and loves you!!    At times your seclusion serves you well because you are able to place your truest intentions, desires, and thoughts above all other sense of duty, obligation, and responsibility.   

What you see as stillness…is truly your Self learning to feel comfortable as a “free” being!!    When you separate yourself from the throng of expectations placed upon you (both internally and externally)…your body, mind, and spirit feel the peace and joy of being “un-accountable” for just a moment.

And because you are not upholding the need to satisfy, attain, or accomplish…you begin to feel the privilege of just BEing!!

But you also hold a belief that “life” can not be this free.   So you see it as a vacation from true life…and in time (you believe) that you must surrender your freedom to responsibility once again!!

These are old-paradigm beliefs!!    

It’s now time to begin living your JOY each and every day…without feeling selfish, guilty, or unproductive!!    The beautiful souls in your life genuinely LOVE you!!    No longer is there a need to seclude yourself to be safe and un-judged!!     They wish to elevate your spirit…to even greater perspectives of knowing!!

In short…you have created a beautiful world for yourself.     But…if you believe (subconsciously) that your world is a weight and a struggle…then you will manifest that reality for yourself!!    Begin seeing the supportive and accepting world that surrounds you…and those old-beliefs will soon become obsolete!!

When you find yourself wishing to withdraw and isolate….REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU NEED NOT WITHDRAW TO BE FREEEEEEE!!!!    You already are FREE TO BE ALL YOU CHOOSE!!! ♥

You have lifetimes of memories where the only true joy and peace you found…was in isolation.     That is no longer your journey!!    So be brave my dear….and know that there is nothing for you to find in your seclusion…that can not be found in the midst of your bustling and motion-filled LIFE!!




Wowwwww!!!   I didn’t see it this way…at all.     BUT… feels so incredibly right!!

Thank you for this greater truth and clarity, dear spirit!!    I am forever blessed!!

In Joy and Gratitude,


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