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Wake Up!!

Dear Spirit…

Do you have any words of wisdom to offer and share?? 

There’s a change taking place deep within your being. The formidable world, and its once-accepted structure, is breaking down at a core level. All that once had meaning and purpose for you, has lost that measure of importance. You’re recognizing the disconnect, not from Life, but from the perceived world you once knew.

Life is reCreating itself for you!!

You are discovering more joy than you’ve ever known, but this intangible wonder and joy is not quantifiable in the perceived world you once knew. Your personal values have shifted, allowing your heart to expand.

You look back at “the world” that is sometimes calling you, and recognize that it’s not your world anymore.

That doesn’t mean that the physical world you recognize has no purpose or meaning for you!! It means that the perceived world, you once knew, has no purpose or meaning for you.


You need not feel out-of-control or insignificant in the world that surrounds you. Wake up from the perception that you are far removed and separate from that all that appears so real.

We acknowledge that your “feeling” of disconnect is genuine, but your REALITY is much different.


It will shift and morph along with you and your evolutionary journey.

Don’t be dissappointed when you don’t resonate. Congratulate yourSelf for your growth and expansion!! It is you that has changed, not “the world”.

© Alania Starhawk 2014

2 thoughts on “Wake Up!!”

  1. Lovely post and I can totally relate. Everyday and in every moment is a chance to practice being present and awake.

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