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Into the Eyes of My Beloved

I look into the eyes of each soul who approaches. “Are you my Beloved??”, I ask silently, with hope in my heart. I am searching for that extra sparkle and shine, which will surely tell me that our souls have been dancing together throughout eternity.

I’ve looked into a lot of eyes. I’ve found beauty that is indescribable and exhilarating. I’ve found gateways to higher consciousness, and doorways into self-reflection. But I have not yet found that epic connection that lifts our two souls into orgasmic bliss.

I know what it feels like. I know that it’s possible. So why have I not welcomed this sacred re-union into my life, up to this point??

In response to this curiosity, I dreamed a great dream.

I watched a luminous figure of brilliant Light and Spirit, immense in size, move towards my Self. This radiant being showed me the cosmos within their eyes, and then enveloped me in a sacred embrace.

I surrendered to the ecstasy that was re-awakening within, and I called out, with a long-awaited peace, “You are my Beloved.”

And with that declaration, I saw only my Self in “my Beloved”.

I now understand.

Every Beloved that enters into our lives, offers us a precious opportunity to know ourSelves more completely.

How can we open to a new experience of epic Love, if we are not completely comfortable within ourSelves?? If there is any part of us that does not wish to be seen, we will shield ourSelves from the relationship which welcomes the greatest intimacy.

Perhaps its vital to become enraptured with our own sacred Self, before we can elevate our connection to one of interpersonal harmony and bliss.

All shields must fall, if we are to step into that which could never be logical and rational.

Into the cosmos of eternal BEing, we must go.

Seeing ourSelves with compassionate grace.

I am Me. 

I am Him. 

I am all aspects of all I wish to know.

Into the eyes of my Beloved….

I find my Self

© Alania Starhawk 2018


3 thoughts on “Into the Eyes of My Beloved”

  1. As I currently write in my book, Blue Eyes, be open to receive the sparkle of divine Connection from any and all. The Relationship you seek, is made manifest from each fractal that you behold, acknowledge, and enjoy (IN Joy). Much love and knowing that you are living your best life, Now. Bliss!

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