Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy

True love holds no expectations and awaits no change.

It looks beyond all that appears so chaotic and disappointing, to find the underlying truth and beauty in all things, as they are. 

I’ve practiced this way of loving compassionately, without attachment, for many years. It is what lifted me out of a deep depression 16 years ago, and what slowly taught me to celebrate LIFE again.

When we love purely, we release from the choices and reactions of another. We allow them to gracefully BE all that they are – and we learn to accept them “as they are”. 

We can only know discomfort when we wish for them to be something other than they are. 

I know this. I have learned this repeatedly, over the years.

But, I find mySelf a bit more challenged this day, week, month.

I see clearly. I know this person’s choices are not healthy or respectful. I understand that I am compromising my own Joy by holding on to someone who is not comfortable in a positive relationship. I know.

It’s important to accept every soul where they are at.

What I’m holding onto, authentically, is the potential of all I see in them. I’m clinging to the hopes and dreams I had for them and for us. I’m holding onto the empty promises they made and the ancient memories that were.

I’m holding on. 

But all that I’m holding onto isn’t real!!!!!! 

I must accept that TRUTH is expressed daily in every word, action, and effort.

Even if all has the potential to change and be different, only the PRESENT TRUTH can impact my reality and shape my experience. 

I must remain focused upon what is, not what can be.

“Acceptance” will allow me to confidently make choices to honor my own precious path as a priority!!

Tomorrow is yet-to-be-created.

To LOVE PURELY I must remain PRESENT in all that gracefully is. 

The resistance is self-perpetuated.

Nothing needs to be different, if I can bravely accept things as they are.

He is – I am – We are – exactly PERFECT in every way.

It’s time to let go of all that is not real.

It’s time to LOVE all that is……….as best as I can. 

© Alania Starhawk 2018

1 thought on “Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy”

  1. It is interesting to ponder on the word “resistance.” I see where it is self-perpetuated when we want something different from what we perceive. The more we can allow life, flow with it, and “just Be”, the easier we can move with Life. As soon as we start judging what we see as good/bad, right/wrong, we run up against resistance if another person’s desires differ from our own.

    Beautiful message as always. Happy pondering. 🙂

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