Virtual Events

Diamond Lightcodes: A 4-week Program via Zoom

A Sacred ONLINE Program Alania is calling in the highest vibrations of Diamond Light so that we might focus upon awakening our soul's extraordinary passion and purpose! As this light flows into our consciousness, it becomes the energetic lightcodes that activate all creative potential and possibility in our lives.  We often say that Diamond Light… Continue reading Diamond Lightcodes: A 4-week Program via Zoom

Affirmations and Invocations

Equinox Blessings

Every thought we hold with power and resonance plants a SEED for our journey forward.  It's the universal law of Divine Creation. All Life responds to our clear direction and focused desire. Don't doubt this truth!! By the power of this law, if we doubt it to be true in our experience, it won't be… Continue reading Equinox Blessings


Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy

True love holds no expectations and awaits no change. It looks beyond all that appears so chaotic and disappointing, to find the underlying truth and beauty in all things, as they are.  I've practiced this way of loving compassionately, without attachment, for many years. It is what lifted me out of a deep depression 16… Continue reading Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy