Affirmations and Invocations

Equinox Blessings

Every thought we hold with power and resonance plants a SEED for our journey forward. 

It’s the universal law of Divine Creation. All Life responds to our clear direction and focused desire.

Don’t doubt this truth!! By the power of this law, if we doubt it to be true in our experience, it won’t be true.

When we plant seeds for our future, we hold the power to create struggle and resistance as much as we create grace and ease.

I choose GRACE and EASE!!

I encourage you to do the same. Just want it to be so, confidently, and watch the path (any path) clear itself.

Today is the Fall Equinox!! It’s a celebration of perfect balance and harmony. It also leads us into the shadowed season of the year, when we turn inward for introspection, self-empowerment, and divine guidance. This inward focus strengthens our SELF and brings us back to Center.

We are masterful BEings of Light, full of potential and possibility. This is our Truth!! In the fullness of this season, we TRUST in ourSelves to be our own Sacred Source and Wise Counsel. 

We are the CREATORS of all that now unfolds. 


With awareness, you can now PLANT THE SEEDS for all you wish to welcome into your reality.

Hold a clear vision for all that you wish to embrace. Let your heart’s desire flow freely. Give voice to all that is precious and important to you. 

You have grown. All year, you have evolved into the majestic BEing that you are now. And still, you have so much more to experience and know.

All is coming into fullness.

Empowerment is yours!!

The prayers you offer today, will seed your reality for these next three months of manifest power. Trust in the universal LIGHT that supports you now.

Stay positive!! Be clear.


May all Equinox Blessings be yours.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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