Mystical Musings

Life Calls Her Forward

What does one do when she is free??

Free from all the the expectations that were empty and fruitless. Free from all the hopes that had bound her to yesterday.

What does one do when she is free…

to love again
to see again
to be again

No longer does she cling to that which is limiting. She accepts the open flow of all that is uplifting.

She senses her heart beating.

It yearns to explore all that now unfolds.

There is Life calling her forward. 

Perhaps, it will be easy, and she need not “do” anything.

Perhaps, her soul already knows. 

All that seems so dramatically disconcerting is but an adventure for the soul.

When she is ready for “more”, it will naturally be so. 

In truth…

FREE – she has always been. 

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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