Decision-Making Skills

We make an infinite number of choices each day without even recognizing it. We do this easily, because with these unconscious choices, we perceive to know what it is “right and wrong”. We respond with every bit of logical programming we’ve ever known.

We choose eggs or cereal for breakfast, because we believe that they are healthy and appropriate breakfast choices. We answer the door when a doorbell rings, because we believe that is the proper and appropriate response for such a situation.

We respond to all choices with great ease, when we already believe ourselves to know what is right, proper, and appropriate. In essence, we unconsciously eliminate all sense of “choice” in these moments, to accept the only viable choice we perceive.

Learning to recognize that all situations hold an infinite number of choices within, can be daunting and overwhelming. It doesn’t seem to be the best way through every situation either. Our life would be overly consumed with the concept of choice, and we would miss out on the bliss of just BEing.

So how do we find a comfortable medium??

It’s an art form.

It all begins with becoming the empowered witness in life.

None of our quick-to-know choices need to change for us to become empowered in these moments. We only need to recognize that we have the right to change them, if we wish. This brings the power back within.

I practice this regularly by reminding myself with every mundane choice I make (within my scope of awareness), “This is my choice”.

I still drive to work the same way each day, but I am aware that I can change it up whenever I wish. I still fold my laundry before I put it away each time, but I laugh as I recognize that wrinkles are totally an option, if I wish.

Believe it or not, just reclaiming power over your seemingly insignificant and ordinary choices each day, will remind yourself that everything is infinitely possible.

This simple practice creates a strong foundation for POSSIBILITY within our belief system. And we need that to begin facing our larger decisions with greater confidence.

Let’s imagine now that we have a life-changing decision sitting before us. Can you sense the anxiety build within, just a little bit??

It’s quite common to respond to larger decisions with apprehension, because we have been taught to believe that a “wrong” decision is possible.

If we are honest with ourselves, can we not recognize that we sometimes spend more time discerning what is “right” for us, more than we discern what is desired by us. We place incredible weight upon ourselves to foresee every yet-to-be-created element in motion, and to choose the choice of champions and righteous ones.

Whewwww!! That’s a lot.

I’ve been witness to my own journey long enough to recognize that even when I do know what I’d like to choose, I still fear the possibility of being “wrong” in my decision.

Can you resonate??

Let me bring some clarity into play.

  • Truth #1  There are infinite possibilities to choose from!! If your choices don’t feel comfy yet, consider what other options might be available to you. Be flexible in your approach. Let go of all expectations, as you expand your perceptions of what can be.
  • Truth #2  Your heart always knows the way!! Any assumptions for “what will be” is unsubstantiated. Stay present in the facts and circumstances of this moment, and discern what feels most comfortable for you. If you release from logically perceiving that you can be “wrong”, your heart will align with one option more than another.
  • Truth #3  It can be easy!! We sometimes believe that we have to thoughtfully deliberate over our decisions, to prove that we’ve earned all of the blessing and reward that comes from a responsible choice. And really, you can do that, if it makes you happy. But I’d like you to know that it really can be easy, if you’d like it to be.
  • Truth #4  Free-will choice is a constant in life!! There will always be infinite choices to support us in redirecting any previous choices in life. No single choice brings us to a point of self-destruct. It’s all just EXPERIENCE leading us forward to the next step, and the next.
  • Truth #5  No matter our choice, we learn, grow, and evolve!! Stop placing so much pressure upon yourself to “know” it all. Sometimes our greatest growth comes from stepping into a more complex dynamic in life. But, if we still remain focused upon making conscious choices in these moments, even the complex can become comfortable. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. The concept of “wrong” is man-made.  It’s illusion-based.
  • Truth #6  The universe has your back!! I’m all about self-empowerment. It’s an incredible privilege to be responsible for our own path, purpose, and potential. But, it’s also important to remember that we are more than physical. It’s absolutely empowering to welcome support and guidance from every realm of divine Light that loves you. Don’t do it all alone when you don’t have to. You are supported, safe, and loved, in all ways.

Choices are opportunities that lead us forward into an experience that we still shape and create. Our positive or negative mindset can shift all to become super supportive or incessantly challenging.

“Choices” relate to more than the actions we undertake. They also relate to the way we look at the actions that we undertake.

So if the choice is yours, as it is, be positive and hopeful about all that you participate in. No choice is placed upon your path to distract you. It is offered as an opportunity for you to entwine and align, or not.

Just make a choice that “feels right”. That’s enough.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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