Mystical Musings

Receptive Mode: On

All life moves through in cycles that honor every nuance of 'up and down', 'new and old', and 'to and fro'. We watch the ocean waves move in and out, the sun rise and set, and our breath continuously move in a pattern of intake of release. All nature is guided to move powerfully through… Continue reading Receptive Mode: On


“Run Into Life My Dear!!”

As I sat here in blissful Gratitude just a few moments ago...I sensed my Spirit Guides and Guardians gathering near.   So I gently requested for a Message of Love to be shared. I asked that I may see mySelf more clearly on this ever-spiraling journey. They giggled at first (as they so often do)...and… Continue reading “Run Into Life My Dear!!”


Prayers For Those We Love

Our prayers make a difference!! We may not always have the magic words to "make it all better".    But our single prayer to surround those we love in waves of Peace, Truth, and Love does make a difference!! These heart-felt prayers bring comfort to those we cherish as they navigate through their own soul's journey.  … Continue reading Prayers For Those We Love


Faith Is Believing…..

Faith is believing in the unseen without questioning its validity!! Whether you're learning to Trust in the power of your own sacred heart, the love that surrounds you each day, the prosperity that flows to you endlessly, or the untapped potential that lies within................have FAITH that this Life is so much more than you can… Continue reading Faith Is Believing…..