Thoughts Are Powerful Creations

Change your thoughts.

Change your reality.

It’s so simple. Yet, we often forget.

We are the creators of our every thought. No other has control over our private dominion of mindful thoughts and reflections. No other can accept responsibility for the menagerie of fantasy or fact that flows through our infinite mind-space.

So, consider for a moment, how many thoughts have passed through your mind in just the last hour or two. Are they all constructive, inspirational, supportive, and uplifting??

If not, why not??

We have the ability to be our own cheerleader, to see our own triumphs, and to facilitate our own growth and expansion. We have the ability to confidently counsel ourSelves with compassion and kindness. We are the director of every thought that takes form.

It’s all taking place within our inner sanctum of perception. Only we have the ability to discern what flows through.

The belief that cautious, judgmental, and fearful thoughts are all an inherent aspect of Life is false and untrue. It’s time to reProgram that belief!!

We can do this now, by accepting these immutable truths: 

  • Truth #1 – Only we hold power over the thoughts that flow through our mind
  • Truth #2 – All thoughts give voice to our inner most truth
  • Truth #3 – Each thought has the potential to be positive or negative
  • Truth #4 – Negative thoughts cause our mind, body, and spirit to feel limited and confined
  • Truth #5 – Positive thoughts cause our mind, body, and spirit to feel content and empowered
  • Truth #6 – We have the power to reShape all thoughts from negative to positive, if we so choose
  • Truth #7 – All thoughts have the power to create and affect change in our life
  • Truth #8 – All thoughts have the power to radiate, illuminate, expand and grow
  • Truth #9 – All thoughts build a foundation for the reality we know

Thoughts are powerful creations!!

They shape our world and design our reality. Please do not assume that they are frivolous or without purpose. They can easily shift your challenge-filled experience into an uplifting opportunity. They can be the answer to every question that potentially poses itself.

Are you ready to change you path??


Change your reality!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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