Full Spectrum of Choice

The “either/or” mentality that we have embraced for far too long, is nearing its end. 

It was created in false perception to keep us honed in to the choices that were most desirable for us (at any particular point in time). But all false perceptions are currently being lifted higher into the LIGHT of truth, love, nonjudgment, and self-worth. So, it’s time to re-evaluate this limited concept of “either/or” in our lives.

Think about your own life. We often perceive that an either/or choice lies before us. We perceive that it will rain or not rain, that we will have money for Hawaii or not, that we can trust a new relationship or not, and that we are healthy or not.

If all the self-imposed criteria for being healthy, being beautiful, being wealthy, being kind or any other attribute of being is not met, we place ourselves in the “not” category.

What?? Can you believe that we do that??

That means that if my ankle becomes achy for a day or two, I am subconsciously telling my body that I am NOT healthy!! We do this often. If it’s not the right timing for a self-indulgent vacation, we tell ourselves that we can NOT afford it.

We blanket statement everything, as if we are imprisoning our forever in the circumstance of a particular moment.

The TRUTH is…..

  • All is absolutely perfect as it is.
  • We can miss nothing, lack nothing, lose nothing.
  • Every moment is independent of the last moment and the next moment.
  • Every moment is filled with infinite possibility and opportunity.
  • Any either/or is only illusion.

So it’s time to think compassionately, creatively, opportunistically, extraordinarily, and gargantuanly (made up word for epicly Grand)!!!! There is always a FULL SPECTRUM of choice available to us in all moments. Even aligning with an “either/or” mentality is a choice within the FULL SPECTRUM.

It is also a choice to see the choices expanding to display all that is supportive of your particular journey. It’s a choice to see all aligning easily and effortlessly upon your path, to see peace touching all, and life moving forward in harmony.

Don’t accept the current set of choices as the only set of choices that can be. Think creatively. You are the CREATOR of all that now plays out so perfectly upon your journey.

We live in an infinite reality, my dear friends. Feel free to explore what that can possibly mean. Push the boundaries, while living in love.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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