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Possibilities: A Channeled Message

Dear Spirit,

Please remind me of a greater truth. One that I have yet to recognize or fully understand.

This world is filled with mysteries that have yet to be understood in fullness and truth. But let us begin with one that touches your heart today.

Did you know that you need not exert yourself in any way, to reach the goals and expectations you’ve set for yourself?? 

If your goals and expectations are aligned with your inner-most truth, your sweet spirit will guide you there on ethereal wings!!

Don’t laugh. It’s true. If your goal is aligned with your inner-most truth, your spirit will be open to every whisper of support and guidance. You will envision the cleared and open path, only. And you will effortlessly meet each moment with joyful anticipation.

If your path seems to be a bit stagnant or directionless, you have yet to discover what it truly is that you desire (or are ready to receive). 

We sometimes set our intentions and goals from our mind-space. In these particular moments, we are giving great credit to where we ‘should be’ or what we ‘should be’ doing. No free-spirited passion is guiding our thoughts in these moments, so no free-spirited passion accompanies us as we seek to reach those intentions and goals.

We encourage you to BE FREE today, within your scope of comfort and security.

What options, alternatives, opportunities are within your realm of effortless possibility??

Will you nurture your body with a lunch that makes you happy?? Will you write a love note to someone, just because you can?? Will you see yourself journeying to bali, new zealand, or finland, as you had always dreamed??

This exercise of ‘imagining the possibilities’ will remind you that IT IS ALL POSSIBLE for you. What is it that you actually CHOOSE for yourself??

Begin to DREAM your life into motion. See all aspects of support effortlessly flowing through. Sense all resources abundantly funding you. Be in a state of knowing, that all is moving in harmony and grace with your chosen path through.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. If there is struggle. Some element of your life is not yet aligned with your brightest sense of self-worth and possibility.

Love yourself today. It will open more doors than you can imagine. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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