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Trusting the Unverifiable

There are elements of this beautiful earth experience that can only be known through use of our insight, intuition, and heart-sense.

That means that our perceived truth, through use of these senses, can not be quantifiably verified by another. The understanding of these experiences – that lie beyond the physical plane – can only be “known” through use of our own insight, intuition, and heart-sense. 

No matter how much we seek to share, explain, or describe our authentic experiences upon the higher realms of perception, if another is not comfortable in moving beyond the physical planes of quantifiable truth (even within themselves), they will never understand, value, or identify with our way of seeing, believing, and knowing. The higher realms of truth will always remain beyond their level of authentic comprehension.

I say this, factually, because I am suddenly aware that no matter how much someone wishes to “know” an experience beyond the physical (by PROOF that it exists), they will never reach that level of intimate knowing if that which they seek authentically exists beyond their bounds of comfort and understanding.

If their own bounds of perception stop at any set of chosen limits, then they can never intimately “know” what lies beyond that particular set of chosen limits. 

We can direct this philosophical truth towards the understanding of Angels, of God, of StarBeings, of communication with our deceased loved ones, and so much more. If we individually sense a connection to any of these unverifiable phenomena, we can not easily encourage others to align with our truth, unless they are willing to SENSE through their own set of heightened perceptive abilities.

God can never be known without use of our insight, intuition, and heart-sense. Our experiences with God will always be emotionally-based, and thereby only understood by those who are open to feeling, sensing, and understanding as we do, in that moment.

That’s factual.

Some of us trust our higher perceptions so regularly and naturally, that it is an authentic plane of existence for us. We sometimes forget that others don’t have the ability to even comprehend our way of being, from their current perception of conscious reality.

I say all of this now to bring awareness. Awareness brings a deeper understanding, and understanding brings compassion and empathy.

If each of us shares our authentic truth, without concern for how it is understood or received by another, it’s possible that “the other” may one day begin to feel more comfortable with the potential of seeing and experiencing as we do. They may then choose to expand their boundaries of possibility, and to welcome a personal experience that allows them to intimately align with “sensing” greater truth.

We use our intuitive and empathic senses to understand all that lies outside of our personal realm of physical experience. 

Men have never given birth to a child, but through the ages of watching and witnessing the experience of childbirth, they can often (not always) SENSE what the experience might be like.

It’s now commonplace for them to identify with all of the emotional and energetic intricacies that are part of childbirth. They are comfortable speaking to their unborn child, from conception, even though that conversation is taking place upon the higher realms of perception. And they can empathize with the pain and discomfort the woman may feel, even though they’ve never personally known anything like it.

They’ve learned to accept these levels of experience as authentic and real, because of the constant exposure they’ve had to childbirth, over the millennia.

The same goes for our understanding of being ‘old’ if we are currently only 22, or of being in the Himalayas if we have never left Nebraska. We use our higher perceptions and insights everyday, in ways that are comfortable for us. 

I authentically believe that the only way any of us can even identify with any perception beyond the physical, is to intimately “sense” the truth and experience for ourselves.

We can’t stand on the sidelines, and still profess any sense of truth upon the subject. If we’d like to discuss or understand Angels, for example, we must be open to feeling their warm embrace around us. It is the only way to authentically “know” them.

We can listen to the tales and descriptions of another’s experience, but if we want to know more, we must open our perceptions to meet these higher expressions of truth upon their respective planes of conscious existence.

The physical that we sometimes cling to, is only illusion.

The infinite that we sense within, can be more comforting and REAL than any other truth that is.

Explore the possibilities!!

All limitations only exist within our own mind.

© Alania Starhawk 2016



4 thoughts on “Trusting the Unverifiable”

  1. and then, even when sensed – the mere use of labels and words dissipate the whole experience. Rather that wrapping it up as a gift, in Words, to someone, Labels merely muddle the sensed experience and give it man-made awkward containers. Especially when others dislike the label or container you’ve tried to wrap it up in.
    Great message and ideas today, thank you so much. Keep enjoying your experiences and senses, and connections to what is real. Thanks for something to think about – momentummikey 🙂

    1. Thank you, bright one!! I so agree!! We’re making that journey from head to heart…and getting just a bit closer to that ineffable state of being with every breath. So honored to journey with you!!

      1. Haaaaa….I’m always looking up words. And this one stick with me. It’s exactly what you were saying. Sometimes the greatest truth and beauty “can’t be put into words”. 😂😂😂

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